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00:00:00: Music.

00:00:13: So welcome to the next episode and continue on how I can learn SEO when outperform my competitors in andouille and other search engines and,

00:00:25: I spoke about you know how you can enter in you Market even years after does start there before,

00:00:32: so if you started in you market and when I say you Market it could be and you offering a new type of offering that you didn't have before although you've been around for years.

00:00:42: I would speak about a market as a combination of the country the language to keyboard the key with Groove and then Topic in general.

00:00:51: This is not necessarily and totally new website okay.

00:00:55: But SEO works if you have not offered something in that specific need that you're still the new kid on the Block.

00:01:04: So what do you do when you look at your competitors advice with his cast of the last session.

00:01:10: What do we look at that competitors websites is of course like I said the last time they're called that's their language their.

00:01:20: Ways of talking to decline,

00:01:24: and if they perform well Google they are at least doing something right for example when we look at linkresearchtools I know exactly that it has a pretty technical language on the website and.

00:01:38: This means,

00:01:39: he doesn't cater as well as other high-level marketing software with cater to not a CO2 non technicians because of that the question here is what is your Market what is RDS who do you want to talk to.

00:01:54: If you're all geeky Technica at fancy a lot of different.

00:02:00: Infected your words then you might confuse your audience look at what your competitors are doing and try to follow that.

00:02:08: And then when you look at the website itself of course it's not the main it's the lens and out of the mains pointed to it it's the back link the website is,

00:02:19: the product if you want but all the marketing happens around it everything it's link.

00:02:26: When I say everything is link I mean every marketing is link or results and Link.

00:02:33: Let's not be too hectic a and too obsessed with out with the actual address.

00:02:40: Send a text to Mel.

00:02:44: We called that Elaine could be all technical that is a link and it can be a following a no following it can be you know had actually BBB highlight that.

00:02:57: Put around an image of these things are all Link in fact everything that is clickable even if it's a JavaScript or some link it and a visit link.

00:03:07: Link is a concept on the web that brings people from A to B and the actual Tech the implementation does not matter.

00:03:15: And I take it a step further there are types of link that you might not know is link and,

00:03:21: I once heard it as links without a target from a very nice customer and what he was trying to say is that she saw the actual domain name or the xul mentioned in the text written out in the text spelled out at the text mydomain.com but it was not clickable.

00:03:40: In general we refer to this as mentions or um anxious but also a mention of your brand name at men stuff your company name,

00:03:49: is seen as a link to your entity your business and today would be your company name and if someone mentions that.

00:03:57: Logically that is also a link so think about laying start only in the fact that you have in can text but think about them as actual.

00:04:08: Connections between you and the world around you and now we're into the question of you know what offpage actually means.

00:04:19: So when I talk about link.

00:04:24: You could also understand that or read about that in terms of offpage as being something offpage.

00:04:32: If you're looking at and even a does confuse dad with off the main or off the main cluster.

00:04:41: Not just because a link is going from another domain to your domain does make it so much different.

00:04:50: As a link on your own domain so if you have 2 pages on your website you do have.

00:04:56: Actual link between that we refer to them as internal link as well.

00:05:00: You want to look at all of that because all of these things are offpage and redirects are offpage between.

00:05:08: Different pages and Rokinon occurs okay let's not get too hectic I'm sorry if I confused you here I'm going to bring you back to the actual doing,

00:05:17: the actual doing so what do you start with what do you start with okay.

00:05:25: Before you do anything.

00:05:28: Put yourself in the mindset that you gotta pay for your education if you not get a paid to me you not going to pay this African University you could have paid with your time.

00:05:39: The time is the most valuable asset that you have.

00:05:42: And with all the money I made I couldn't by bike to single out all the hours that I learn that I did something that I made mistakes and trashed the results again were investment in my education,

00:05:56: okay so this means.

00:05:59: You will spend time and you will spend money off cause you gotta pay you as well with dollars or Euros or whatever currency you're currently using.

00:06:10: Doing not doing a step back,

00:06:14: cost edible take you to learn something so when we talk about learning SEO hey,

00:06:21: go and get your first web Hosting account you could drive with one of those cheap ones you know there's some $1 plans that if your 500 something packages all the sun I mean.

00:06:31: That is really a cool thing what you cannot do anything I would recommend you go for some better hosting.

00:06:38: To set up a website you can go to a company like wpengine that I love I love that specialize in hosting.

00:06:46: With all the bells and whistles with a CDN with redirects and you have a wonderful at the need to finish,

00:06:53: I mean you could stop learning SEO by learning for us to setup a Linux server and how to go to the Shell and it's all the databases hold of Wordpress and if you want to actually learn a sysadmin do for being an SEO that I hurt you to do so but it will just take a couple of years longer than.

00:07:11: So long story short go and span and buy a proper web Hosting account for your website,

00:07:18: yes you can run the blog on medium yes you can run a Blog on blogspot,

00:07:23: but this is the way you will learn SEO you can learn blocking their you can ride amazing out because you can sit around and wait on Facebook to your friends will not,

00:07:36: be your fool thing to do SEO,

00:07:39: learn SEO you need to access to the server logs you need access to a way to implement redirects Francis with an Apache acxess you cannot do this,

00:07:51: black spot because Blogspot was made for bloggers not for SEO okay so again.

00:07:58: There is no free solution for you even if you go to wordpress.com there is no way that you can do redirects stairs so I recommend you go and buy your first self-hosted lock on the web Press host.

00:08:12: Like wpengine okay and that's going to cost you a bit I don't know a couple dollars couple couple coffees and month what's that,

00:08:20: put yourself in the mindset to spend money on your education because if you don't do it nobody else will do it and it's got to be the least of your Investments the time that you put into it and not make money,

00:08:32: mean wild will be a lot more in your investment so what's next.

00:08:41: Google analytics all the websites in the world run Google analytics to the you need to be analytics to run the website absolutely not we needed to seal absolute.

00:08:54: And I ran website long before whom analytics was actually real name from the ocean analytics and went to the bar that product that made it so much better and gave it away for free which was paid Prada for.

00:09:07: I'm Google interested.

00:09:10: In the first place to create a standard and collect a lot of data you can collect a lot of day to with other packages as well like. For instance as web tracking order product. How that you can implement,

00:09:24: you need something to look at the actual visitors off your website Google analytics works for that especially if you're just starting out.

00:09:32: And the next question that probably is Google search console should I connect it to and I not connected of course you should.

00:09:40: Here's the thing SEO is not about following Google search voice.

00:09:46: Not about following my advice it's not about the following any advice he about.

00:09:56: Do you have an idea what I'm getting to.

00:09:59: I think I said it in the last episode already not to say it again SEO is not about following the advice especially not 240 characters from Google but also advice did you read the web,

00:10:11: on this blog post these are alterations for what you try start to actually do stuff,

00:10:18: go sit down and build the freaking website go sit down and build those link,

00:10:24: go sit down and look at your feet oh look at your analytics if you're not doing it you're not doing it and that means you have learning it and whatever you think you know you don't,

00:10:34: because there is no one-size-fits-all there is no rule that explains it all and certainly there is not a single blog post that I can point you to do learn how is your work so when you Google,

00:10:46: basics of search engine optimization you might find something like a,

00:10:50: a big compendium of put together rulers and an observation that were made by people over the years and you know what it's all outdated it's all outdated whatever you find is some information from the past,

00:11:04: did you notice to the changes its algorithm more than once a day there about 500 different change the duration of Kobe.

00:11:12: Google how Google does work and work on a global basis of course the roof and every country in every language in every need so.

00:11:22: Whenever you hear something. Oh you shouldn't do this you should do that.

00:11:26: Please go and tried for yourself of course there are some learning that we carry over the years but you want to make sure that you were ghetto stay up-to-date with older.

00:11:37: Always make sure that you check the Post-it always be sure that you have access to some of them actually practices SEO,

00:11:43: at look at this on a daily basis you do not want to follow some,

00:11:49: old tutorial that was written and copied from an even older tutorial just for the sake of putting us and called them from some guy on his blog to make some intense money okay,

00:12:00: alright,

00:12:01: it's not about following general advice it's about trying it's about learn and gets about looking at the data this is what I said was about and this is what you need.

00:12:19: And talking about TVs you know I talked to a lot of search engine Optimizer search marketing expert organic search consoles.

00:12:32: You don't people that make a living try to make a living offering search engine optimization.

00:12:38: How does includes a lot of agencies that are clients of linkresearchtools and Consultants inside those and all of these talks and.

00:12:46: Ballast and Eagle on the skills in the marketplace make me decide to go and do my own education program and modification program for professional expert nhc's,

00:13:00: working with linkresearchtools been recommended by mean it you know why because it takes constant learning.

00:13:07: Like almost everything in the world it changes SEO is not static because SEO is about trying to manipulate trying to influence Google.

00:13:21: Speak to me like that you think doing it goes out of town except they how to mess with them of course not it changes on a regular basis,

00:13:29: so whatever you think you're done learning SEO you're actually not that you're out of it already so be careful putting SEO in your CV be careful promoting SEO,

00:13:39: does one or two questions about the recent changes in the one two months ago.

00:13:43: Make you look really really bad really really cool we're in that moment I read it in an interview onpage.

00:13:51: So that is where and courage you to stay up-to-date and invest.

00:13:55: I'm going into your education of all things marketing but SEO especially alright.

00:14:05: To you soon.

00:14:09: Music.

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