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00:00:00: Music.

00:00:14: Alright is Christopher game Christoph Kemper and I welcome you to my next episode.

00:00:21: We got a great question here that goes like this how can I learn SEO and out for my competitors in the Google search results.

00:00:31: And the answer is very simple one try for yourself.

00:00:40: Please do not I repeat do not just follow the series.

00:00:47: When you go spend the whole day reading about SEO listening to podcast like this one and watching my wedding and doing all these Learning House,

00:01:00: I can say that you waste your time trying to learn SEO I'm sorry to be the party pooper here what you have to do with something completely different.

00:01:10: You would recommend instead of spending your whole day reading and listening to podcast like mine here is just go and do stuff try stuff.

00:01:23: Do try SEO for yourself set up a website and Learn by doing SEO.

00:01:30: There's no shortcut to learning a task and doing the task you will not succeed.

00:01:39: Repeat you will not succeed but just listening to all this stuff here by reading those books and making yourself.

00:01:48: Confident that you actually,

00:01:51: a little bit of a clue of what's going on I'm sorry to say that but when you go to more examples of very popular blog post,

00:01:58: what is you read there is only just a fraction of the knowledge that you need you always read some nice and great and shiny examples of whatever work for the guy that wrote a blog post in that specific case.

00:02:11: When we publish case studies we always talk about the one case what works for what website doesn't work for the other website,

00:02:19: so whenever you read a Blog crossword I don't say what the topic what the website about the need for the keywords are you're totally missing all that you fell victim to the general.

00:02:30: Superfluid SEO cock.

00:02:33: That's what it is you have to stop SEO yourself go and do some competitive research for example.

00:02:44: When I say go out and do competitive research.

00:02:49: I mean it literally go to Google and search for whatever cute you want to read Luke the websites that out there.

00:02:58: Do you see all the big websites like Amazon Wikipedia do not look at them.

00:03:06: Don't even think about looking at them but then there are others and their autos for every key work okay not repeat.

00:03:14: And repeat and repeat and stout to get an understanding what type of websites actually come up.

00:03:22: If you're not doing that you do not need linkresearchtools you do not need them right you don't need any other software if competitive research is not in your mind is not what you do first then there's no,

00:03:36: we you can move forward with SEO.

00:03:40: Do not read any ranking studies case studies factors on rankings whatever is being boiled down into a nice white papers.

00:03:50: Go to Google and search for keywords search like your customers with search.

00:03:56: If you're not doing that you're not ready for the next step but here's the thing The Next Step involves looking at this website looking what they do.

00:04:11: So what could possibly video that you can learn from your competitive.

00:04:17: When you look at your competitors you would see you well the website is you decide if you like it or not does not matter it's not about your opinion.

00:04:29: It's letting me about Google Opinion when it comes to this sign you come to the sign it matters what appeals to the user but that is something that will tackle in conversion optimization.

00:04:41: Long out later what you want to look at it is what kind of wood and do they use what kind of language do they use to the talk to the audience that you're trying to go after the temperature way or in a simpler way.

00:04:56: What if that's what we talked about this so-called on page the convent year.

00:05:04: That's what with all the tricks of the world getting a number one ranking if your company sucks then you have not been that was rankings,

00:05:13: what does this what do you start with and this is a job that you can do all about yourself go take your iPhone get down to the pool that I talk to him and then stop looking at your competitors websites try to understand what they're doing,

00:05:27: again try to learn from them try to decrypt that it's not about your creative ideas of what you want to produce and your team and brainstorming for weeks stuff at.

00:05:40: Don't even start that.

00:05:42: Stop looking at what's out there already because unless you have a time machine and go back to 1993 there have been companies around in your space for the last 10 or 20 years.

00:05:56: Unless you're in a very very new exotic nice there are others and even if you have this exotic nice that there are newspapers and some maybe research.

00:06:08: A person.

00:06:09: I don't know University is talking about the stuff that you just selling baby you've got this one the truck that just got approved you were still selling it gets worse before it got approved.

00:06:19: It went through years of Psych you said newspapers wrote about it long before you even knew that this one the drug would have existed many years later so all of these are your competitors don't think.

00:06:32: As competitors being the ones that steal your theories did your transactions it is everything that rhymes about you in Google search yourself or in out of search engine search.

00:06:46: And then when you ready when you ready to talk the talk of your competitors when you're ready to read and write like they read and write and adds a magic extra,

00:06:59: then you're ready for software then you're ready to learn more about your competitors from a tactical perspective, SEO person.

00:07:07: You could learn their SEO by talking like them by reading and writing like them.

00:07:13: What you can do is used to is like linkresearchtools to understand what their website is about.

00:07:21: What are the strong as pages on the website do they actually have link going to pay just that don't exist anymore like the link choose recovery tool would show you,

00:07:30: you could do it as a favor and tell them which broken link they should redirect on their website that they realize for years ago or you could go after those people that are link into the website though that they go to an error page,

00:07:45: they might water link to you if you have a better website a better-looking website a better-performing website if you reject them it's just that idea so when you do this competitive research when you look at data when you look at,

00:07:58: how websites are link internally and externally you already develop.

00:08:04: A lot of new ideas for link prospects and new ideas to actually build Link to your website even if you're the new kid on the Block.

00:08:12: York Patty this might be missing out because they got to pay too lazy to go to big and general means to slow also.

00:08:21: This is your opportunity to enter Market even many many years later after the other.

00:08:29: Music.

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