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00:00:12: Alright everyone this is Crystal pepper from linkresearchtools out of Jana with the link building and SEO podcast and we got a very special guest in today's episode of Today Show his name is Joe sinkwitz what's your background where you from,

00:00:26: what do you do what does your company do.

00:00:29: Sure thing I've been in the search industry for 20 years now I got my start actually,

00:00:37: spamming Viagra on Altavista back in 1997 I graduated up there into the payday and insurance market after I graduated from college.

00:00:47: I guess maybe you claim to fame.

00:00:49: How is the top organic lead source for both payday and insurance for a couple years and it within that 20 year. So I was pretty cool.

00:00:57: Right now most of my attention goes to a company by the name of intellifluence where I'm CEO and we are building influencer marketing Network.

00:01:06: Wow that's that's a lot of experience in a lot of different ways and I'm just because you mentioned by ever on payday it was a very aggressive niches or have always been and I just.

00:01:20: Think just got more aggressive over the years right.

00:01:23: Oh yeah it was absolutely crushed it got to the point where I no longer felt competing in some of the markets there was a point where I had to go on stage.

00:01:34: And actually in Austria in Salzburg.

00:01:38: And I did the life hacking to say this is how bad it's getting in Payday I refuse the cross that line,

00:01:45: I'm a black hat but that just means I follow the actual rules of the system and not the specifically listed out terms of service however there were groups of people that were just hacking for links and I wasn't comfortable with it,

00:01:59: and no matter how much I try to bring it to Google's attention they just wouldn't listen so I figured okay,

00:02:05: maybe I just need to get up on stage in a few thousand people as shown how easy it is to hack because I hate here's how you can get 500000 links real fast it's a it's a fairly small Footprints of Google's not already filtering it out this is how bad.

00:02:20: Aleve and still took a couple years before they they really crack down.

00:02:24: But by that time I had a sort of shifted away like post penguin things got even more aggressive because the.

00:02:32: The window in wish you could operate before getting slapped down was getting you know shorter up to some degree obviously you have a ton of data on this when you when you're doing the audit.

00:02:46: So I just shipped it out what two to copy press to help the Run sales and marketing so I.

00:02:53: Did a lot of content marketing with Dave Schneider is pretty cool.

00:02:56: Out of that you know I always wanted to return and do my own thing again so intelliflo is kind of watched out of there we're.

00:03:04: We're very close when it's kind of like our ecosystem they do their thing really well we do our thing really well.

00:03:11: Got to remember so calm and 2000.

00:03:17: 12 for 2013 you were on stage is kinara nothing you were very back then if you if it's actually legal to address you know League,

00:03:27: to say that to say what is possibly on the illegal site and I think this was one of the consent we discussed back then which I thinking always valid,

00:03:37: concern you don't giving people ideas for what to do that.

00:03:42: Yeah I remember talking to you and and some of the others say that you know what what's the law on Austria what's the law in Germany because I have to go back to Germany when I.

00:03:51: Yeah yeah yeah.

00:03:53: Internet okay.

00:03:54: Yeah yeah yeah yeah remember I think Harris Harris something you know that reminds me that especially experts like you.

00:04:03: Awesome you know.

00:04:05: Or concerns or or or I thinking through things that no one else gets that no one you don't also in in like a station doesn't get it reminds me about the you judgment on on on something that Google did so many years ago still does and.

00:04:20: With you don't just catching on a little bit of Google's well.

00:04:26: Practice is still great that there is some decision finally made but I think you know the world around us is.

00:04:36: Moving a lot slower so when we talk about influences Paris,

00:04:42: here's one big big thing that I you know hair loss influences are,

00:04:47: are all ladies and gentlemen putting up their photos on Instagram getting lots of likes and thumbs up and then you don't share the link or or or or share of her post with a link with their audience is that what you know.

00:05:02: You do.

00:05:02: Sure so I Define a Maybach at them a little bit so I I take influencers and I start by saying.

00:05:10: Influencer marketing is really just getting someone else to tell your story for you or to do something for you if you leave it at that.

00:05:18: Then I bucket where I say we have the the celebrities Witcher the aspirational in filters these the people that their followers want to be them.

00:05:29: That we have like authoritative influencers you're a good example of authoritative influence within the search Market.

00:05:36: People look to you for your specific recommendations around search anything that touches search if if you weigh in on the subject it's going to carry more weight than if a random person with the same audience eyes as you raising them such a.

00:05:50: And then you have to pierce so I'm a peer to you your appear to me your influence directly influences me to a much higher degree because we know each other and we understand your likes dislikes.

00:06:04: Our network is really founded on pure influence,

00:06:07: because we see that grow in exceptionally fast in it has a going back to you whether I see Instagram posts yeah that's a type,

00:06:17: so is blogit which is what most of the sun history tends to focus on further version influence.

00:06:24: Russell YouTubers LinkedIn is not thought of enough that's a big Market Amazon it has influencer Market pretty much any platform that gets to a certain size or there's a community.

00:06:37: Becomes a potential Target for influencers.

00:06:39: Got it so.

00:06:49: When you say if lenses being ghetto active from blocks this world reaching out using an influence platform like yours to blog as isn't that very similar to reaching out to gas block Networks.

00:07:04: That's a great question that's a great question should the biggest know there's a couple of big differences one difference is when you're doing a cold Outreach to a Blog Network.

00:07:16: Your your thought of it a certain way by the recipient.

00:07:21: They aren't they are seen something specific there they're used to getting a ton of emails they filter it out,

00:07:27: you don't you don't have that the interruption ability to cut through the noise when you're contacting them through a warm Network,

00:07:35: in our particular case there's other networks like us everyone that's in their his signed up specifically because they want to receive pictures.

00:07:44: Just by having the warm versus cold it's.

00:07:47: It's an accelerant to get post but there's another reason to when when they're in an influencer Market.

00:07:54: What you're essentially doing when you're reaching out to you do not ask for the link do not ask for the Post don't mention guest post we are saying is.

00:08:05: I have identified you as an expert in this industry I would like you to apply your influence I would like you to weigh in on this particular topic.

00:08:15: Yeah here is my brand if if if this makes sense for you,

00:08:19: and the D the ratio of Link's given there is so much higher it looks more natural and the other positive is when when you're hitting up the same old guest post blog network is everyone else that is a pattern.

00:08:33: Play if you're going through something where a lot of the activity is for people that are trying to push eCommerce sales over social.

00:08:41: And now you just happened to get links from those people too and is it comes across as far more organic looking.

00:08:47: Got it so in your network basically everyone would qualify as a woman Aldridge because they're always or you waiting for the pitch.

00:08:59: How do you.

00:09:04: How do you get people to sign up how do you how do you grow your network of influence how do you page those that want to be paged.

00:09:12: So this is good question or Kristoff and my answer is you do know me I am a spammer when we started,

00:09:22: I want to every possible Facebook group that I could I went to every Reddit subreddit I want to all these groups on LinkedIn,

00:09:30: and I let him know hey if you want to get free products come over here we have another mechanism for getting free product that started this snowball itself up for the influence your side,

00:09:39: as that occurred that I started being able to do more targeted approach like Twitter it's not hard to find all the followers of a brand on Twitter.

00:09:49: So we're other networks blog Network at cetera and I was just doing lots and lots of out I'm just constantly doing Outreach trying not to annoy them but I'm also trying to get,

00:10:00: get them to understand that hey for an influencer you're not going to have to pay me anything and I'm going to be providing you,

00:10:08: potential opportunities that you actually want to see so it becomes a real easy decision from their part then from the brand angle it's just sales right it's it's a matter of no to do an interview with Kristoff.

00:10:21: Go to write a bunch of blog post I wrote a book that's being published in the next couple months on influencer marketing you know there's all these little.

00:10:32: Inbound tools but also I do a ton of outbound you know identify every,

00:10:38: Shopify domain in existence not With a Little Help from our snake and then I'll say okay let's let's mail them all and see what they want to do.

00:10:48: Let's let's see how are you willing to do a free trial play with this software in overtime I got enough data to keep building it up.

00:10:57: I push to thread live on Black Hat World recently just to see how that market response to it.

00:11:03: Pictures all these lovers that one can do to keep growing the network in that is my main goal is I understand that the value of this is,

00:11:11: entirely based on network size because as it grows like I could be less involved actually with the the actual sales process just because it'll start to sell itself.

00:11:23: Speaking about the concept of there it's like a Marketplace that connects people with each other and they pay per lead or or how does it work what do I need to do to get a flights of.

00:11:36: Sure so I mean if you wanted to get an influencer you know you sign up as whatever brand or agency that you're looking to do.

00:11:44: And then you start running filters so you might say hey I'm really interested in the United States on going to filter that geographically.

00:11:53: Maybe you're interested in fashion say say OK Google have it interesting fashion.

00:11:58: Man and you might say okay I only want people that are Instagram selecting you slept Instagram and it keeps narrowing it down the where I think you got really interesting is we started adding filters.

00:12:10: On value and expected compensation type so you can you could determine who is willing to do something for you just by giving them product.

00:12:19: Let's say it's an impact on a t-shirt.

00:12:22: And if you would be surprised by what people do for free t-shirts so you could you could build a campaign for linkresearchtools.

00:12:31: And say okay I'm going to give anyone in here I want to identify anyone that has more than 5000 followers keep a real low bar,

00:12:40: and they only want to receive,

00:12:42: product as compensation to do anything on social as it pertains to promoting my product ship them out the t-shirt we have a messaging system we try to keep everything on that work out everyone to a campaign,

00:12:56: catch them all and then manage the responses.

00:12:59: And from there you determine okay here's my address send this t-shirt here okay my review is posted here accepted or denied request changes.

00:13:08: It's it's actually fairly simple flow it's just it's pretty amazing on what you can do and what you can ask for I've I've seen some really crazy stuff.

00:13:20: I got for whatever reason Brazilian audience.

00:13:24: It's confusing to me because we'll have a couple from Brazil who have an aggregate audience of over a million which is a big number.

00:13:33: But they're not asking for hardly anything.

00:13:36: There's a hey you know if you send me something that's worth fifty bucks I'd be happy that's pretty incredible you know if I had something that focused on that market I would.

00:13:47: Definitely be pushing in that direction so it's help to identify Arbitrage opportunities as well.

00:13:54: Brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant so you mean.

00:14:00: People would just you don't go for the swag and take my linkresearchtools t-shirt with Gary Elias on a drank it with a Linksys really really hard and and to do stuff for us.

00:14:11: Marcus wearing it getting photos in front of themselves and Tech Gary with a tour you know okay okay.

00:14:20: I definitely could see someone like you because you tend to be so early in the marketing process you test out so many different things,

00:14:28: you can absolutely do the swag Concept in start signing in the different audiences you say okay will the hardcore search people maybe they're going to be a little bit more jaded maybe they'll theme little bit more difficult to get some,

00:14:40: but maybe the the people that are in marketing but not necessarily search marketing.

00:14:45: Maybe the general business people will do it even more maybe you don't even care maybe you're just looking for a pure.

00:14:53: Audience reach perspective so you can do retargeting to them later there's so many ways to slice and dice.

00:15:09: Did I lose you.

00:15:26: Joe.

00:15:28: Okay there there you are.

00:15:30: I think you can drop that it just asked what when did you launch and Teleflora's how long has it been around.

00:15:36: Sure I launched intellifluence last summer actually so we are just now at one year from when we push daughter are very first,

00:15:44: terrible looking in her face and it's gone through one update already and we're pushing that alive another very large update where we rewrote the whole thing.

00:15:53: In September I want to have it done before we go to see October.

00:15:56: Okay yeah see this is very very familiar there are still amused out there that give me a hard time for the first version of linkresearchtools in a really ugly.

00:16:09: Gray reddish totally unusable horrible interface so I think that's nothing too unusual picture.

00:16:17: Oh it's absolutely,

00:16:19: Yeah yeah exactly so I finally have to check it out you just you know gave me some ideas that I would like to try in a ride after this,

00:16:28: interview here so maybe I'll because we're also stretching the limits off all all-time budget here with 15 16 minutes already.

00:16:37: We touched on on the cold was a small Aldridge we touched on black head.

00:16:45: Is there something you don't want to make money now.

00:16:50: Get rich quick overnights tape that you would like to share with our audience something as an immediate take away an instant gratification for those people listening to the liquor statues podcast and you add me.

00:17:03: That would be super happy to just listen that hated take action.

00:17:08: Okay I have an interesting tip if you run a pbn create personas associated with each domain separately.

00:17:18: Load them all up into different influencer networks and you will diversify the link flow and opportunities that come in you'll be able to sell out your inventory a lot quicker and you're going to have a much higher,

00:17:30: a caliber of Brands using your stuff.

00:17:33: Oh and you would suddenly half as wide a range and therefore less of a footprint and be much more sustainable and.

00:17:47: Well not guaranteed but more likely Prosper for a lot longer with the whole network.

00:17:52: A lot safer looking yes.

00:17:54: All that was the golden tape to PBM prosperity.

00:17:59: Joe sinkwitz I like it I like it I like it alot yeah Joe then thank you for for now thank you for today.

00:18:07: It's been a pleasure to have you on the show I would love to continue and I will certainly want you again in the show I look forward to seeing you at SM toberfest is there something that you maybe have,

00:18:19: it's a little secret that we could use in an essay Oktoberfest challenge to take place.

00:18:27: Well I know what that special keyword is but I'm not allowed to say.

00:18:31: No no no no no not the one from the webinar but.

00:18:36: I would say that you could use intellifluence to win the contest because you could share that link out with 26,000 influencers with a reach of a quarter billion.

00:18:47: Okay okay yeah I'm a cherry,

00:18:51: I fully agree with that or if that already wins the ticket but it's certainly something that we could ask for a so thank you very much for that and it has been a pleasure to I see you very soon,

00:19:03: everyone out there have a great day I'm Krista from linkresearchtools that has chill sync runs from intellifluence Joe thank you very much.

00:19:12: Happy to do it thank you.

00:19:14: Make it pop I.

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