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00:00:00: Music.

00:00:14: Okay well, my name is Christoph Cemper and welcome to my new linkresearchtools podcast everything links links links.

00:00:22: I welcome you and I look forward to your feedback so we could do a couple of questions here and here is the first question.

00:00:31: Should I do a full backlink audit meaning should I look at all the links or can I sample the links.

00:00:40: And that's a nasty thing the believe that you can do a sample of your back like profile.

00:00:48: Because you believe that you can extrapolate will get you into trouble we don't talk to statistics here it's not about extra fellating it's not about significant,

00:00:58: sample sizes what up trying to decide A or B like in this election thing ghetto brexit other by the way read wrong anyways and the presidential election the United States what number 45 what are the statistics time,

00:01:12: what we talked about the fact that we talked about,

00:01:15: trying to figure out which domains to disavow which link to visible has suddenly nothing and statistics can help you find out which domains have spaniel things on it,

00:01:28: so of course they're full.

00:01:31: This is a very very bad idea you don't want to get yourself into trouble by looking only at a small slice of your back like they do.

00:01:42: Linkresearchtools just recently had tremendous Improvement crazy improvements with sometimes you know we can do 235 or 10 times more back last Wichita brings in you boil door to a link audit,

00:01:56: sometimes backlink profiles are so much bigger from what we see today of what we provide today and of course I recommend to do the full backing audit.

00:02:05: A call to the past this was possible as well if you had the back of data but if you didn't upload it,

00:02:13: which we supported since the launch of linkresearchtools that across you want missing out today we provide a lot more data and of course we recommend to do the full backing audit,

00:02:24: don't settle for two or 3% of your back legs you want to do it all.

00:02:29: Okay that is very very important and like I said we just recently launched a very very big update to include a lot more link data from.

00:02:41: And you commercial link data source used at utilizing.

00:02:51: So the next question is so have link audit changed it linkresearchtools recently.

00:02:56: I just said something about it and I want to repeat that again link audit to linkresearchtools now include and you 25th like they deserve this new like there's a new commercial API that we buy data from,

00:03:10: which means we provide that included in,

00:03:14: product like we had all these audit link that this was in the past we didn't have this out in April 2017 so now there's a lot more data in the product which means a lot of Demands,

00:03:27: that we look at recently fight a lot more link data we do it for you so you don't have to go out and buy all these different data products.

00:03:38: What that means is that if you,

00:03:41: started with Lexie to start a plan for 6000 link only we might go see 20,000 things or fifty thousand things or even hundreds of things.

00:03:51: What that means is that the star plan that seemed the right size in the past is not a good fit now anymore.

00:03:59: You need a different you need a different plan like you would have needed a different plan it would have uploaded those extra link they have has in the past already.

00:04:09: So therefore their migration from one plane to the audit might be required but the good news is we know,

00:04:18: provides you all this extra data in so many plans and superhero and.

00:04:23: Enterprise it called a Gypsy Cobs Bread it comes they all got 20% but a clue that means up to 1 billion extra link,

00:04:33: audit quota on the agency account so.

00:04:38: That is a huge changed clothes in any big changes for some domains well back in the profile that we seen all that we report that we can help you audit without any Expedition up those can be so much bigger now.

00:04:53: Don't look at the Old Link III book and we have a message that we have a message to have time you how much more you would get it today if you would run at link detox Reaper right now.

00:05:07: Okay so go to get linkresearchtools account go to your link detox Reba click on this pass report and you'll see this message you see to pay child with the distribution of backlink that you had in the creeper and what you could do today.

00:05:24: The Sims 2 how to make a expression often should you do a link audit.

00:05:34: That's quite a stand-up question did we hear everyday.

00:05:39: And I talked about this every week and all these conferences all these workshops all these presentations.

00:05:47: We recommend you to do a backhand audit on a weekly basis.

00:05:52: Sometimes if you have low link volumes low link velocity then it could be okay to do with monthly but certainly you need to do with monthly.

00:06:02: Don't let it sit there for months or even years we have clients,

00:06:07: the link audit got rid of a penalty in 2013 and then came back to me in 2016 asking me what's wrong Christoph can you look at my website can you look at my competitors look at these new guys coming in.

00:06:22: Something better than me but I did everything right I did the Edsel forgot that the website speed thing I did my own page of Belgrade call then yeah well but that's just the homepage part of this.

00:06:37: This guy and many many others were in the in the Miss believe that the web with stand still and what really happened is that his competitors. The other things because link for themselves have a bad life for well him.

00:06:50: So you have to take care of your back in profile.

00:06:54: Have to do this on a regular basis because we change the rules in 2012 they gave us the best of all tools they make us responsible for keeping.

00:07:05: Track a fallback profile and they made negative and that is something that the easier especially also with penguin for where a reactions to backlink,

00:07:17: negative backlink stupid backlink can be faster oh right.

00:07:24: The fourth and final question for this session for this episode.

00:07:31: What are the big changes in the new real time penguin.

00:07:35: The new real time penguin that launched in October 2016 made two important changes to the penguin update that we saw the years before.

00:07:44: Penguin update used to you know take months for them to develop to calculate because they're basically Don to the quadrant calculator penguin real name is.

00:07:58: Whatever you would link our place and crawl by Hoover,

00:08:02: these signals are calculated so toxic link could hurt you as soon as they are crawled good link will work in as soon as they're called this about the same,

00:08:13: always will working as soon as those link control and that's a big change.

00:08:19: That's great because it means that we can get faster responses to change it you know about your profile to this supposed to link removals to changes of toxic link good link.

00:08:33: II the most important changed about real time penguin is that it has a greater effect which means that while then passed that the man with the power lies and drop how to get a hundred percent.

00:08:47: Now it's possible that only a certain set of keywords or a certain directory or a set of key without a key what concept or a group of pages drops in rankings.

00:08:58: Well that is great because you kind of lose everything overnight it's also bad for the SL because it's hard to spot if you only have a couple key was dropping it could safely be a penguin.

00:09:11: Finalizing some bad things to those directories on to those pages off of those keyboards.

00:09:17: And of course the next question that would be alright so how do we do it link detox for just to see if he was or full of just a page or directory.

00:09:26: The good news is we got your power that have to sit through doesn't 14 because I saw it is coming so we you can do a link audit possible link audit on those specific he was that you,

00:09:39: have a life that you think might be on the fire from toxic legs.

00:09:45: Keep in mind did you still need all the backup data to analyze that and yeah.

00:09:55: When was 10 minutes so I'm closing this time because I want to keep this short and sweet and I look forward to your feedback to email me at feedback at linkresearchtools.com - Crystal time before linkresearchtools and I see you,

00:10:08: oh no I HEAR you very very soon bye bye.

00:10:13: Music.

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