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00:00:12: Riot,

00:00:13: My name is Christoph C. Cemper from LinkResearchTools out of Vienna with my link building an SEO podcast and I got another guest in today's show his name is Kelvin Newman you might know him as the guy who started something in a room above a pub or something like that.

00:00:29: Delaware who are you where you're from or what are you doing what does IT company do.

00:00:32: Yeah yeah that's that's what we started out so I started out as a kind of NSC I know I'm arrange to meet up for a few paper little puppy coming home to and it just kept,

00:00:42: getting bigger and bigger and bigger and now the event which is not just brought in a CI takes place,

00:00:47: 28 friend who found some people come to it tickets lost on the free tickets so this freaky space to get the free tickets sold out in less than 5 minutes and we have,

00:00:57: a people from more than 40 different countries this time round sectional as well.

00:01:04: Oh this is so amazing so so just in case you missed that pop it's Friday still with the guy who.

00:01:10: Invented the drum brightness us the biggest conference in the most exciting conference that I've ever been to and I've been to conferences since 2005 but I love how old.

00:01:20: This makes office get free tickets and pay tickets and stuff paper his promises actually makes sense in a way that a lot of the fresh blood.

00:01:28: Comes to your show end and this is why I go there twice a year I love it so much and you just doing those two shows you can live by that.

00:01:36: Well that's good we just well side we call a couple of related events that's one cool which is over by Phillips,

00:01:45: give me the cash back and we doing up on cool measure fast which is all about web analytics and say alright that much much smaller but there I haven't even keeps me quite busy all day,

00:01:58: training for people as well in the old path consultancy what the reality is,

00:02:07: that so much of how our event is guys into it is the molecule that says come to some extent for the event itself.

00:02:17: Right right so you basically a little bit like what I am in our company where we have a product called agree search tools on Lincoln MKT all of that as an in-house agency in addition,

00:02:27: building it and running it in operating a tried and you basically have your conference is your events of the trainings has a product.

00:02:33: Yeah yeah yeah I mean it's interesting as well as that I think sometimes I will program your pants it's easy to,

00:02:43: guess I'm busy just programming events get too far away from the community the,

00:02:47: you're trying to say it's a process that you know the more time I spend Reading A-Z I broke some more time I spend listening to post office about at Sea I just am often height for me that the best place to I am to have a sensor,

00:03:00: you know where in streets headed and what people want to learn about and if he's notable people who built I'm speaking and involved in the event.

00:03:09: And do you have like a somewhat hidden agenda or something in your in your blueprint for the events specific to the fresh blood that I mentioned I only notice from your conference because your kids away with 2002 kits for free.

00:03:23: Yeah yeah yeah,

00:03:26: kind of help maybe seventy 80% of the attendees United kind of attending for free and yeah I mean that's a big push those people I've never attended event before and I mean not sweetie,

00:03:37: you know there's a business potential that because someone is today,

00:03:42: the sect of the great to the lot of it is that I can I want to work with you to supplies more like they all turned get trained by just cut,

00:03:50: I just ready not this kind of that's my the probability to be able to unite the way in which people kind of gal about learning to your mom saying and it's kind of course that's why didn't you know I'm trying to help people get in the way that I would maybe.

00:04:06: Yeah I think you can really really be proud about that at this really takes over the job from a lot of other institutions the claim to to provide education in a way you know that is so what.

00:04:18: So outdated.

00:04:22: It's just one day I mean it's two days per year and another training okay this another day.

00:04:29: The tissue that attaches to the podcast many times here is no big issues for companies small and large to get.

00:04:37: Knowledgeable SEO people to get people that have experience and there's only a small group of people that have been around for what 10 years or something else too many new people coming in but then,

00:04:47: quick advancing or advancing you don't Korea moves happen all the way this year he added there where I see a lot of.

00:04:55: Talent big developing quickly evaporated in an organization in large organizations where does more politics and more batches and we will discuss all the time here.

00:05:06: Rather than doing it do you have something you know some thoughts about this well it's not a problem it's just an observation that I see you in the.

00:05:16: Excited.

00:05:16: Yeah is it you very rotten stuff though I think you need a variety of skill sets that got into being a good search Boxer and I think that or I could just come over and sure enough it was interesting,

00:05:29: that weapon is the project management the politics of United,

00:05:34: you know that kind of driving developments for the price that it is kind of a different skill-set there as well and I think,

00:05:42: if you recruit saying you're welcome of an agency kind of you need to know Jenny when you type of skills that you needed even people with,

00:05:49: similar job titles in different organizations can have very different responsibilities,

00:05:54: you just need to kinda know what you need and then find the right person for that makes the others definitely you know there's a lot of it you up some good opportunities,

00:06:03: get Contract work and with that kind of thing,

00:06:06: the people out there not necessarily wise enough people Skyrim for the person is out but knowing what you need is the first often pointed out like if you can join you in the understand that he is the program I'm looking to so with this person on hiring over there.

00:06:20: Next time I'm working with yeah you got much great a lot to hear that.

00:06:24: Bad father about passing the dangerous when you don't know what you call very big sense of what you're looking for,

00:06:30: it's going to be hard to find the perfect match that I decided then six months down the line You've Lost That maybe even found the right person then.

00:06:37: Yeah yeah I think I know what you're looking for it's differences and you know.

00:06:43: I know that I always assume the car keys is there any way of measuring someone's ability right its color and I think that.

00:06:51: Practical elements of interviews and I'm looking it in a case studies of portfolios or even just kind of you know.

00:06:58: Area in it into the environment if there's a website if you involved in saving all used to court today which was.

00:07:06: They went into being people as if you currently pitching for a piece of work,

00:07:10: unite the people hair prom for the chips to Unity equipment in the page that kind of initial analysis and that's something quite deal with problems and how they approach STI.

00:07:22: The solutions that you know that you can see that that way I think.

00:07:27: I like that approach a lot you know with case doesn't actual Hands-On work on something that I have many times in my past has been something like what you expected to work for free you don't,

00:07:38: what for you for free we haven't even met in person and you want me to do some work for you or we have shortly briefly met where you what do you say about you know.

00:07:48: Epicanthus for a job that are lazy come back like.

00:07:52: Well I mean you got a card if you need make sure that the people here appreciate you Note 3.

00:07:56: Yeah the last thing you want to do is an employee that convinces his be awesome like on the questions to you know lots of people I know it's kind of a stage thing right it's kind of.

00:08:07: You know you be wanted to do people who own paper look like that a very good fit for you.

00:08:13: It's about like on the way of testing the knowledge and it's kind of like actually the reality is is that you're not anticipating some guys often does a full SEO will didn't spend 3 days working on it and like on your face instead kinda guy well in the.

00:08:27: Provide Anaconda,

00:08:28: spend 15 minutes on this and what would you do would not talk to Scott and he always expects the United someone who is applying for a job that genuinely wants it needs to do some prep,

00:08:40: the prices but there's a difference between a preparing for a job interview and doing spec work when you called if you like doing a full-blown,

00:08:49: days of work on that kind of thing it's about kind of just explain why you're asking if involve.

00:08:57: You're funny interview Chris my usually my opener that decides if I spend more than 5 minutes and then pass the interview is a welcome to the interview what does my company do how do we make money.

00:09:09: What do our clients pay and then surprising how many applicants actually show up at least here in Vienna I'm not having attitude.

00:09:17: Yeah yeah that you need the most,

00:09:21: that I owe you Starbucks at someone's done on you as an organization and expect them to know the details and was well.

00:09:36: Yeah you'd expect them to unite the loss.

00:09:39: United 506 propose that if you're an NFC what you tweeted in the last 2 weeks if you need to hit your client so you can patch this or have a website.

00:09:51: The difference is that caveat that with a kind of I'm new to the site to book based upon the research I've done you know I think.

00:09:59: People who could just come up to certain quizzitive right up, if you know a good skill set to have as it's too much I like to know even if I'm meeting someone for coffee for 15 minutes.

00:10:09: Ellington pre-fall off right foot on Twitter I'll try to find some low prices it's just me.

00:10:15: Metro trustee.

00:10:16: All right away 10 minutes into the park and we keep this short and sweet so you got one minute for a taper take away to share with the listeners on SEO link building or link audit something like a gold nugget trick to you don't get rich quickly.

00:10:32: Yeah yeah I'm going to pick of any of these things that the reality is is that if it's to say that.

00:10:46: So I think is really powerful is just the usual tip I have is I am.

00:10:53: Big fan of competitive research icon under a Yukon.

00:10:57: Uniden play how much I genuinely think that if you want to up it take to build things you need to understand the ecosystem in which soil what's the uprights and to do that you need to know.

00:11:09: Of all of your competitors that route that.

00:11:12: Yeah what is that contents trashy what is working successfully from the more Pace to be having good social success would have paid we haven't get the link by success and kind of an already came to electron delva level blah. Cuz I think sometimes we forget about the stage which is kind of a kite,

00:11:29: this piece of content did well for a compact the so I'm going to do something like that I think what you need to do is try to understand the psychology,

00:11:39: is the need that piece of content is the Philly is it in a when people share all by saying look on really intelligent or are they saying on Paul opening group for all that sang actually it was kind of you know I have to,

00:11:52: open this help me so well I'm helping people there as well I could understand the more you can understand about that process of,

00:11:58: the psychological motivational the needs that piece of content is the filling and then wallpaper Lincoln today.

00:12:06: I think is her to get and spend time you don't need to be locked up,

00:12:12: a professor of psychology that read books about behavioral economics read to you not read unit predictably irrational and I think if you can contact these kind of underlying human behavior is something you start to see the pines and content this sometimes people Miss 72, Guy,

00:12:27: I need to do an infographic that's not what you do you coming,

00:12:30: he's what the reading is what the reason for traffic was successful the reason why that video was successful the reason why though cause that's okay it's because it feel this need it,

00:12:43: Adventure on fake okay how can I do that.

00:12:45: Haha that's amazing that's just look at your competition and be a little bit better than that you're a number one right.

00:12:52: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah if you think of a referee.

00:12:56: You know that your school ring the different website sometime if you have a search engine as well you don't need to go you just need to do to show up then you can pass this and that means that,

00:13:06: net loss of people say how can I get interesting things might just boring more interesting than the other boring about this and if I'm trusting you can pass off sometimes the easier it is to be outstanding.

00:13:19: Great great famous closing thank you very much color for this I look forward to working with you again in the show and I look forward to Elizabeth feedback on this one and.

00:13:30: Thanks so much for having me as well yeah and it's always I thought I left something there they're great with people learning and communicating and you know I thought I had a few things that make people think about things a little bit different kind of ritual them that maybe they're on the right track.

00:13:45: Absolutely I totally love it out thank you so much.

00:13:48: Jason's having a.

00:13:49: Thanks everyone and I'm Christopher Auto V and I found a creative link detox and Link research tools I wish you wonderful day bye bye.

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