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00:00:13: Here is Christoph C. Cemper from LinkResearchTools (LRT) in my link building an SEO podcast and I got another amazing guest and his name is Bill Hartzer,

00:00:24: Bill who are you what is your background and history and what does your company do.

00:00:29: The right now I'm actually a ima I guess I could say an SEO consultant domain name SEO,

00:00:38: domain name consultant I started back in the mid-1990s building you know some affiliate websites and and some just Local web sites and I had a,

00:00:49: jobs at ethical writer and webmaster for a telecom company and zombie I did that for a few years and an in-house ago and then I moved to the sort of the agency side if you will be on doing us to go and,

00:01:05: and I link building and and and content for for for clients,

00:01:13: been in several different agencies and then ran an agency for a while and then I have moved out on my own now.

00:01:22: With my dad doing everything from link audit SEO audits to,

00:01:30: doing research in the in the domain name industry.

00:01:34: Is the globe Ronna SEO your company.

00:01:39: I'm actually that was one of the edge that's one of the agencies that dumb III recently left and I'm so now really I am a hundred percent at the bill hartzer.com.

00:01:52: Yeah completely at my own.

00:01:57: See if I did work for a globe Runner if I Center active and vision interactive and standing dog interactive for a couple different agencies and.

00:02:09: Yes but right now I'm I'm actually doing everything you're doing it all for myself.

00:02:16: Haha got it got it but you would a guy who had met cops for one day in April 1st some two or three years ago I remember that friend,

00:02:26: I was fine until when you're in there an app to make up salt at the main expert what about you know these new,

00:02:33: did you exchange the state of Labrador agency that. Consulting if I don't know how many of those extensions are around by now and there's even an app,

00:02:41: Community for companies to buy their own brand name as extension right and how do they work at for SEO doesn't make sense to register my brand name. 5000 extensions.

00:02:53: Sure you don't with it it is started actually recently we started to seeing these new domain extensions back around 2013 and 2014 and I can really,

00:03:06: I'm really had a had an opportunity they were least several different size.

00:03:15: I'm close to a thousand actually close to a thousand different on new TLD domains and back then there was an application process and you know if you if you could basically,

00:03:28: I'm still as I put the $200,000 under an $85,000 us to apply for a TLD and we had no really,

00:03:38: a lot of companies to apply back then and they have been slowly rolling out since 2013 and 2014,

00:03:46: how many chiya chai the last latest one that I eat out with us pretty significant was. Arch. Art and on that just stop that one stop,

00:03:58: Levi sweet and so there's two two two two different things they're still there there are some companies who have been,

00:04:06: created by cam donuts and right side to basically they are the Registries and they are they own a lot of different dumpy Aldi's lot of endings.

00:04:17: I'm young. Attorney Todd lawyer. Legal marketing. Agency handsome there yellow their business model is to basically say.

00:04:27: Do sell domains the other option opportunity which I miss now it's actually close there's not a way to get your own brand but I'm that worried about 800.

00:04:43: Different companies Brands like Amazon and end and Amazon Google and Nike +.

00:04:52: And a lot you a lot of different maybe up Cannon and self-worth that that got their own endings and so.

00:05:00: We do have you know some of them that are being used now like Canon which is a Canon which is the more we know it as a bi.

00:05:14: Yeah. Digital photography photography company that you are their main website worldwide is Canon. Global equable. Cannon.

00:05:26: And so yes and so there's no there are slowly of the brands have been hesitating to.

00:05:35: Kick me out to launch their site so but they are slowly moving,

00:05:42: I'm over to their own domains and the benefit is asking when that when you own a few your Apple and you own. Apple and see how you were the only one who.

00:05:55: Can allow domains to be registered on.

00:06:00: On. Apple and so you know there's a lot more if there can be a lot more trust eventually in the end the community of that the public if they are RNA. Apple domain,

00:06:13: hi more website they know they can trust that he really is Apple so this is all out of this is still,

00:06:22: happening we do have peanut ftld which is a registry that owns. Insurance and died Bank,

00:06:30: and those are closed tlt's meaning that the.

00:06:36: That you have to be a bank in order to have a DOT Bank,

00:06:40: Adam a domain name and so I like him like a daddy to you are. Mil you have to go you have to be at.

00:06:50: Military organization or you have to be part of the uni University to have a. Edu domain.

00:06:59: And so that's that has been real question is whether or not you know whether or not you know how,

00:07:09: much trust the Yoda search engines put in a. Edu or. Mi hour. Gov.

00:07:20: You know about. Gov domain name and that's you know that's still being debated today over that over so many years.

00:07:34: Yeah I think do that when you know and some of their statements over all these years they.

00:07:41: They kept saying the specific to your DL we do not have an advantage but not on the other hand when you say there is a TLD.

00:07:52: Can only be used by Banks.

00:07:55: It makes it a lot of sense actually to give all the banks a little bit more trust just to you know I'll have him stand up I mean from a change in perspective that has exceptions that has 20000 qualities that needs human.

00:08:08: Signals.

00:08:10: Anyways like like use Behavior like to like thinking as I was being that they use a signal so the same people actually creating links and content.

00:08:19: It will make sense but you don't have any date there any experience on that yet.

00:08:25: Not you're not anymore. Y'all de DMV ftld is really does what you know is is close to that I have been in conversations with them at different conferences until 4:10 with the leaders and they really are,

00:08:40: pushing to get it out to get to Google and you and being a,

00:08:46: and I just got the other search engines out there to trust that it is really is a closed TLD and that really is a it is a bank if they are using a dot bag and mostly those who don't wait,

00:09:03: mostly what I see happening is is the smaller Banks the smaller you know Ty and Coretta smaller local banks,

00:09:13: naughty noo noo I will use the dot bank and we will end up seeing a Chase and.

00:09:22: And III,

00:09:24: there are a few others that dive I have their own TLD until they will be using you know. Jason.

00:09:33: Bank of America probably yeah. BL fan and so forth in the US.

00:09:40: Which on the other hand you know is so big that a Doc Chey's maybe is another exception but especially the small Banks might then have a benefit because they have two smaller link profile the smaller and less popular pasta still in a,

00:09:54: play in the,

00:09:56: more Rich beautiful roll if someone goes on file to say well this is something that we trust because off this and this process right.

00:10:05: Yes.

00:10:06: Okay but this hasn't happened yet you haven't.

00:10:08: There are some banks out there that are using that are live that are using the dot bank for example they are some there's about 5,000 domains that are being used.

00:10:21: So are you saying $5,000 bangsar.

00:10:24: Yes. 5000 banks have have used on have used half app started using have have bought the domains and they are continuing to.

00:10:36: Some of them are our have to have have moved.

00:10:41: That's funny because I'm the.

00:10:43: You know there a lot of banks that have Bank in the name so even in Austria in German something like Esteban go by the bank they could actually have an even better name but that or even show up there with that. Bank.

00:10:57: And extension of Mexico.

00:11:00: Well that's the biggest that's the real big question is is that you know that you know there's a lot of,

00:11:07: Tampa water,

00:11:10: web hosting that are using out that you that end in Houston there's a lot of websites that end in online,

00:11:18: and the real question is if you if you have a key word online.com is our key word online.

00:11:28: dear. UK is that I'm better to go,

00:11:34: Qi a keyword. Online and drop the the.com where the extension form or the seat of the cctld the country code.

00:11:46: IPod and that's that is a big-time question and a lot of a lot of there are still a lot of people out there that.

00:11:55: Yeah really like the.com and think of that., it's better than not then the the dot dot dot Tech.

00:12:04: You know that the dot tech tech website won the the Wicks SEO contest this year.

00:12:13: Hi made it was not a. Calm so LOL guy from France.

00:12:18: Yeah yeah yeah.

00:12:18: To use links.

00:12:20: Bennigan's jamming.

00:12:20: Yes he was I using a links and I'm good out of Link building God right towards the end in that contest.

00:12:29: Map to get to windy SEO hero. Tech.

00:12:34: Yeah what you could remind about ranking without links is really really hot this is Gary it is not one of those shirts that we have we have.

00:12:45: In the last month you should get when you work at 4 and.

00:12:51: Something you know that comes to mind here of course is with.

00:12:56: Dot-com being on the you know on the movies on the web on the on the public perception for so many years I mean 20 years at least where the show.

00:13:06: Cold public internet has been wrong and cinnamon with a.com still surprised that these new.

00:13:12: Extensions not even raise eyebrows like what is this is it sexy it website. Bank. Something.

00:13:20: If you had about that before.

00:13:22: Well I I've been in in the past two years I have been to three years have been all around the world by you no ads,

00:13:31: ican meetings in different conferences and search conferences from,

00:13:35: you don't China to Europe and end in sit in South America and have and even Canada and when you go you,

00:13:46: I'm really is in a well-known and there is a bias in the United States but once you leave the United States you know that a lot of the internet users are they don't really care too much about,

00:13:59: time they care a lot about you know they.

00:14:03: They are much more open to using a you know China is is very big with uh. Club.

00:14:12: Arizona even even yeah European London using. London and ends in his eye,

00:14:21: so I think that the bias with.com is very.

00:14:27: Daryell has has has a lot to do you just in the United States where I'm once you leave the United States that the bias really does not exist as much.

00:14:38: Interesting that's interesting feedback alright I just see where would,

00:14:44: 40 minutes and I'll try to keep this short and sweet so maybe you know one minute what is the biggest issue is seeing large companies have with SEO in general or marketing or online marketing in general like this one thing.

00:14:57: keep them from being better than they are I mean big companies are good anyways but they improve from or something.

00:15:06: I think the biggest thing that you know that I that I see on a daily basis III come across companies that I mean I come I did an audit of the.

00:15:16: I like major corporations website and they did not have any title tags on any of their pages and I think that there's you know that a lot of the basic,

00:15:26: basic not really scoop other our SEO best practices,

00:15:32: you know that one of the web designers and in hand developers you know will develop,

00:15:37: products that job that works but they will be no end but they they do not know these the lot of the basic concepts on from,

00:15:48: another canonical tags and intern internal linking and no navigation know that they're they're still creating a lot of,

00:15:59: the content on their websites and so I think that's one of the biggest things that's happening is as you know from my perspective,

00:16:07: I can just come in and say what you need to fix you know this and this on your site because you're generating,

00:16:14: you know those and are hundreds of thousands of duplicate content Pages you're not using the tonight Apple tag you're not you know any are near not internal thinking properly I'm in the chat is really down and a lot of the technical SEO.

00:16:28: You don't want you in and just fixing that some major corporations will have you no good generally naturally they will have some good links.

00:16:40: Yeah that's that's I think still today is is the number one thing that a lot of you know what I thought web developers and designers don't talk don't know the essay SEO best practices.

00:16:53: We just kind of shocking because it's nothing new it's been around for ever like even go.

00:17:00: Deadly spear 10-20 years.

00:17:03: Ya ya Besar.

00:17:05: Well there are some tools around to look it up but you see that even in your browser with him free plug-ins so I'm surprised no one to look after that and in the end the last companies and nobody take care of me to come p.m. money Pro.

00:17:20: No I think what happened I mean overall I mean if you look back if you know the past 20 years I think that or even the past 10 years that Tom finally can know several few years ago we were getting to a,

00:17:32: appointment where the developers that were on staff at,

00:17:36: and and and web designers they were you know they were finally really starting to understand a lot of the basic SEO Concepts but a lot of them in the past 2 or 3 cups,

00:17:49: seems like the past two to three years A lot of them have retired and a lot of them are not be known or have moved on to,

00:17:58: I'm other any other other companies or other other it you know doing something else and so we have this new,

00:18:06: wave as I know when you who are you know really good web designers and graphic artists in,

00:18:13: and developers and coders but they don't understand a lot of the basic concepts.

00:18:19: Interesting.

00:18:20: I think that is the biggest one of the biggest problems.

00:18:23: It's a generation is she already in the industry oh man I feel old.

00:18:27: Yes I know.

00:18:29: Okay amazing yeah maybe a final paper take away a gold nugget thing that can get me rich quick or get our listeners get rich quick something that you can get all Saiyan one through three sentences.

00:18:43: Sure I think that dumb when it comes to our domains in the links that I would say that I'm there still are a lot of domain names that expire there a spot of brought of good names that died trade hands a lot of people are willing to sell their web sites and so not just building means but think you think about,

00:19:06: websites that work,

00:19:08: the have a lot of links that van can you know that you can incorporate them you could buy a good domain name and either change to that night and change to a better name or on that into a name that already has links or,

00:19:22: is there still a lot of domain names that drop every single day 20 in a thousand and thousands of domains a drop every day,

00:19:31: they're still good so there's still a lot of good link building that you can do,

00:19:38: High by acquiring websites and by acquiring domain names.

00:19:42: Yeah that's a crazy crazy finale and actually one of all truths about you and Eliza the former,

00:19:50: chewable spell just for that was one of the first ones that I had internally for doing just that you know screening 10,000 of commands for all these 97 metrics to figure out you know not just number of things but you know,

00:20:02: comments the social aspect and now we don't even more metrics and decide know before the end even the clothes all time the true up with them.

00:20:11: I think the cold different you know those last-minute sales where you can sometimes get the mains for 8 bucks.

00:20:16: 10 box that have thousands of nice today I would still love calls recommended say as a display module out by the East without frugality tricks or you know at least not use them redirect it before having done at link easy on that which working.

00:20:31: Passport is the big big problem now and then we see that also on the regular basis for people just do that and then forget about you know they could possibly inherit that penalty that is.

00:20:40: Make this claim a year in 2007,

00:20:43: alright well thank you very much Bill it was a great great weddings and I'm happy to have had you in the show I'll look forward to seeing you or talking to you very soon again maybe in the next episode also,

00:20:57: cast.

00:20:58: Yes definitely.

00:20:59: Thank you very much thank you so much.

00:21:02: Yeah to all the listeners by by ants my name is Crystal Campo fun of the link research tools we had Bill how it so.

00:21:11: Out of Texas the domain experts and some Odessa Texas.

00:21:14: Guess Texas.

00:21:16: Texas all the fake you alright then have a wonderful day thank you very much bye bye everyone.

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