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00:00:00: Okay we'll life let's do this,

00:00:09: glad to be here my name is Christoph camper you guys see me you guys hear me,

00:00:14: can I see a sign of the check please from all the attendance hi actually is a Donna Derek John Cooper Moser thanks.

00:00:28: Got to see you're here.

00:00:33: We're starting in the moment way for people to come in.

00:00:40: Hey Donnie you can hear me that's wonderful I do work on an a sore throat now my normal test case.

00:00:52: You see me.

00:00:53: A bit later I don't have a bad hair day but the stuff that is behind me and my office actually doesn't look as nice as the stuff in my media room so the connection seems to be good thank you very much Eric for bed let's get,

00:01:08: this started I am excited to have you guys here and today we going to talk about algorithmic Google penalties.

00:01:16: And how to recover obviously we know a thing or two about that you know,

00:01:22: we build Link detox if you don't know me my name is Crystal Campo father linkresearchtools link detox and input Donna and I do SEO marketing 6th 2003 so the truth is I started selling link before I even knew why,

00:01:36: well that was important for Google.

00:01:41: Many years later we talking about things like link risk management what is link with management and why should I invest in that,

00:01:49: you know as link buildup brisk over time that is,

00:01:53: something that can hurt your business I'll get to that in a moment but I want to get started right away you're going to traffic drive please we don't want leaves and we want good leads and,

00:02:04: truth is based on this started here from demand wave,

00:02:08: 2016 state of B2B digital marketing organic search is the number to write off the email this is the strongest leads driver the strongest Souls of traffic so if you're not in organic search you missing out big time,

00:02:21: it's 67% compared to paid search on 47 and social media if you're not doing organic search then you're missing out big time.

00:02:31: That's what we all stop with and looking at which Channels XD Drive revenue for you this is even more.

00:02:39: Howling to you know you guys look at this what this job say is is,

00:02:45: that these are the top converting channels the top channels driving Revenue so we not only get a lot more leaves from organic search where to drive more Revenue in there a lot more than you paid radio display,

00:02:59: knowing that you know two things you should do for your lines.

00:03:06: Make sure that they pay attention to the organic search results make sure that you engage in organic search marketing and SEO.

00:03:16: Which means link and contact lakes and counted are the two most important drinking factors and that has not changed over the last 29 years.

00:03:27: What was invented in 1989 and it had.

00:03:31: Video text Alex thanks for the big innovation there that made the web happen and that like to organic search results in Google.

00:03:41: So I'm gonna come from Sterling so report before going to Grand Kings in October 2016 Gary Alias at the Popcorn Las Vegas on October 13th ranking without playing this really really hot.

00:03:54: Not impossible but very hot.

00:03:57: And the credit for this goes up to what the heck was sewer from any that it's actually what if I was certified professions walkthrough linkresearchtools certified professionals,

00:04:09: Apopka Las Vegas 2016 challenge scary it is so long until he confirmed or confessed to say maybe.

00:04:20: Link without Nexus read it really hard and you know what happened next,

00:04:24: couple days later how to certify professions like Don and Janice Gary it's more a Garrett what are you,

00:04:30: what do you mean what are you talking about drinking without things which type of leaves do you make interlinks or external link and I look 27 Gary interstate.

00:04:39: Extra length of course in Cut link not so much.

00:04:44: So I think that says it all that this means Link and Link building it's important to drive your leads to drive your Brevin you to drive your business.

00:04:55: You can in a very very exotic nice maybe write some really great company if there's no other good concert around and drink for it,

00:05:04: but that's not because,

00:05:06: you don't need link it's because it this specific needs there's no good come to the wrong and unless you've been living under a rock or do something very excited you have competitors probably more than 10 competitors that work Indonesia,

00:05:19: and they all do things they all Link Link building and,

00:05:23: the cost link all this from the growth management because things can trigger a Google penguin penalty at any time,

00:05:31: repeat after me at anytime no because we do have the penguin 4.0 the real-time penguin to what is this new penguin 4.0 a bald is the new think nope penguin algorithm.

00:05:45: It's an automated link spam fighter what this means is it's a piece of software a little bit of cold inside the Google call algorithmic sure.

00:05:55: That's unnatural link paid link anything that looks suspicious or artificial,

00:06:02: can be found by Google and well taken out of the equation on one hand which is what they did for many years but also penalize you for using that,

00:06:12: because honest words.

00:06:16: Google does not fancy you trying to manipulate them in this is exactly what we're trying to do it as Cosco is not following Google search wise-ass it was challenging,

00:06:27: movies at Weis Sur strike make your own website rank better and there are two components to that how to do that.

00:06:35: All you need is great, but of course because otherwise you don't what do you do with all the traffic and you need to link,

00:06:41: saltwater penguin paddling algorithmic penalty looks like,

00:06:45: that's terrifying moment when you get to the office on Monday morning you don't have any calls no emails no orders the website seems to be there but it in the general manager of freaked out because I get spoken the truth is a 99% traffic,

00:07:01: drop how bake time at this point several businesses out of business back then and Link detox.

00:07:09: Looks like this we have link detox to analyze the risk in the back in profile and when you look at websites with such a toxic backing profile that goes beyond a thousand build the 2003 song,

00:07:22: this is what a pound it looks like from the inside of the back and profile we can look at that would link detox making sure that we.

00:07:30: Do a full audit of all the link and do it at ShopRite using the keyboard classification about 80% also evaluating no feelings which is what I recommend there are some of those that thing though hopefully still have a risk and we got you covered you can go for and ignore them completely in the softer this is not something that we fought YouTube,

00:07:52: I force you to do is to do with foil on it starts do not make sense,

00:07:57: going back to these penalties we are still customers and a third of them are your face to Google Aldi.

00:08:05: Often did not which is great but then we'll V of you 20% of you are not sure if they say stoop ality or mental action for unnatural link.

00:08:17: To the website which you know could move the meal in the one or the other direction here,

00:08:24: encourage you to check it out look into your Google search console if you find some actual,

00:08:30: a notification about mental access but you do not that manual action you do not get notifications for penalties like penguin so you need to do the proper homework to look at your traffic to look at Stats and cost to run a link detox audit.

00:08:47: Get 20% of you don't even know this is not what I expected to hear,

00:08:54: this is not what your client expects to hear from you if they hire you as an SEO it wants you to look after this stuff isn't it,

00:09:01: you are the expert you are the professionals who work on the organic side of your Clyde or your boss so you should know if you have a power they are not and,

00:09:13: if you want to figure that out if you want to find it out you need to do everything necessary,

00:09:19: especially because the Google Real Time penguin is life.

00:09:25: It launched in October 2016 finally off the subway 10th and that means that actual.

00:09:32: Your website will you clients website ever hit anytime.

00:09:36: Cussing you thing and Google penguin 4.0 is the real-time aspect which allows real-time negative SEO as well and,

00:09:44: if a competitor wants to pull you out of the results for specific keywords this is possible not even faster but what we talked about negative Fitzhugh,

00:09:55: list of forget that your own mistakes you know when you do things wrong when you go after those really really crappy wings on 5 hour for 5 bucks you could.

00:10:05: Is it athlete negative SEO to yourself as well so if that happens in real time and,

00:10:12: what real time means I'll come to in a second but the second most important part on penguin 4.0 Instagram your life X is that there a specific filters for the rectory subpages of keywords.

00:10:24: Google can now penalize you using the Google penguin 4.0 L written on specific keywords that you went after on the specific pages are there actress that you Google optimized,

00:10:37: and that's a great thing because that means you will not lose it all over night.

00:10:46: Downside to that dough is.

00:10:48: But it's harder to figure out if you actually have a penalty because it's only some of your keywords go down that you recently built some shady link for what someone else could she do things for you if they go down and you don't find that well.

00:11:03: That's an issue and that's also the problem its head up its how the four.

00:11:11: SEO citata for sun a list for us for anyone to figure out if it actually hit.

00:11:20: The good news is faster recover is possible because of the real-time aspect which means that Google,

00:11:28: data is refreshed with every recall,

00:11:30: this is what they say with real-time what does a real time off? Wrong the whole weapon real time not because Google couldn't afford it it's because many service and many websites would be totally overloaded so we can up to it because the web is not a real-time media if you want anything.

00:11:48: The Google does is the same thing.

00:11:52: As they did before they work through all these back link control all the names and a street roll it they recalculate penguin date of the penguin spam signals and that means,

00:12:05: you actually get a faster response to your actions positive or negative and this again is great news because that's the,

00:12:15: putting us back into a time before penguin oracio was over optimizing at the optimizing if you,

00:12:22: went too far you could reverse that and that is exactly what is possible now again the welcome to the new world of the original SU,

00:12:31: texting and driving without risking it all.

00:12:34: However just recalling needs to be pushed sometimes,

00:12:41: because well the recalling doesn't happen when you uploaded this about fall it doesn't happen because she wanted to and.

00:12:52: That means you might want to use it to like link detox pills with which you have linkresearchtools and their superheroes up plans included two for Scooby-Doo crawl thanks.

00:13:07: I got to the questions a little bit later,

00:13:09: what are seals need to do in real time penguin area is of course to collect as many back legs as possible for the oldest,

00:13:18: combined to find those back legs and this is our job we just upgraded to a new commercial link data source to the 25th so.

00:13:30: Sounds like a stretch we started out adding additional link data sources since day one.

00:13:39: Which size shoes has been around since 2009 and we improve on a regular basis in our mission is to solve the link that apostle,

00:13:48: and just recently with his new 25th so we could double triple 5 X 10 X 20 X or rare cases even more,

00:13:57: the number of bank link that we find for a domain.

00:14:00: Why is that important because that's what it's all about collecting and recalling all the back link data that you can find.

00:14:09: Using linkresearchtools Y.

00:14:12: Because you want to find those bad things that cause of penalty getting a risk it back thanks you don't we all doing anything is that even possible and I said I never feeling someone penalty that's one of my best friends now in 2013 he had a penalty became it cost to my canister penalty hand,

00:14:30: I've decided to do nothing about link said he wanted to play nice you don't be the good guy you don't doing everything that Google says he did the SSL thing either thing of coffee pills better landing pages which is something you should do anyways,

00:14:48: all the time improve your content ohmygod what do you do if you could all the traffic in the world to your landing page and it's bad then you won't make what you could make,

00:14:58: you always improve your landing pages so that's all great and a mingle the fantastic job the problem.

00:15:04: We saw a 2016 CC came to my training.

00:15:08: Again and asked me Christoph what's going on I want to learn about life because something is wrong what's going on I didn't do any link building why do these other people rank better.

00:15:18: We did some link detox and we found out well he did not do any link building.

00:15:24: What is competitive did it for him they built a good link to themselves and bad things to England this pile up and when you just look at one slice of this whole back link data pie.

00:15:37: I see here.

00:15:39: Big blue one you missed out you missed out big-time this is like going to the doctor and only having a left hand check.

00:15:47: If you do and all that you do it full of it it's like going to the garage and having your you know your car serviced and and getting service and approval for the next year.

00:16:00: You only want to spend 10 bucks of it so they only look at your from plots and say you could go for the next year it's secure I text you not safe to do that,

00:16:09: it's dangerous.

00:16:10: Looking at just one slice off the back and say that it's dangerous and this is why we work so hard to bring you so much more back like they don't know which is in some cases very surprising amount of data,

00:16:22: if you,

00:16:24: ever get across the question if we should really all that all the back length of course you need to audit all the back link because only looking at $500 worth of 17 minutes for example like this this is an image of what $500 off 17 million means,

00:16:41: that's not a top-level approach,

00:16:43: it has nothing to do with Statistics their significance off this little slice as measured in the testicles significant doesn't matter,

00:16:53: we talked about statistics here,

00:16:56: the other head you know statistics fail anyways you know look at brexit and look at this new guy that you asked is number 45 president how they had very very different expectations based on the statistics but again with this text this is not about a sample size we need to look at back and stay there.

00:17:15: It's not about the question 800 B wins,

00:17:17: it's about the question which domain should I with this about which Pages have any links to me this is not something that statistics can help you with.

00:17:26: So looking at the full pack of the data is mandatory I don't want to,

00:17:32: you miss out on a lot of problems and I just had a call again with a client who told me it's better than nothing.

00:17:41: I do disagree.

00:17:45: When you put yourself in the shoes that this little slice is better than nothing to please see if your own time and send it to you and save my time and Sanity and don't do it at all please do not try to do a backing on it off this,

00:17:59: molecular size and put yourself in the mood that this is good enough because it's not.

00:18:06: It's actually is dangerous dangerous for your client too dangerous for you they will come back to you if they have penalty later on.

00:18:16: What am I leave you because they have a penalty and go to another company and not a agency that do it is full of it and realized that it was done like this,

00:18:26: you don't want that happen if you are Klein has been with you for many years they trust you to do your job and doing this is your job.

00:18:35: Understanding that this is not something that is possible to do moving forward.

00:18:44: Understanding that you need to look at the big picture this is what I want you to do yourself a favor and do this right.

00:18:53: Or otherwise please don't do it at all but I strongly urge you to do this ride and of course to it,

00:19:02: just think about all the negative and see what they're all these link that you might not find that could cause you problems if you don't do the for it,

00:19:11: this orange Pi is something that you would never look at you would never find his legs I think about those old link that you maybe never removed this still part of your back and profile,

00:19:21: but don't just count the number of link they're a little equal,

00:19:26: Beatles how many things on how many link and pages of how many link domains and how many liquor month when it comes to link that all city trans get added or removed from the website which types of things falling off of a redirect our screams which is the link and power you know like.

00:19:41: Patron boss until 2013 so we can measure the power off of Link.

00:19:46: The trust of the link and the risk of a link and all these things come together when we say we measure a link the link and key would you know I hear this all the time, but,

00:20:00: like buy cheap flights I buy cheap tickets it's dangerous it's not.

00:20:07: It's not the commercial and context whatever you read on balls or some other high-level strategic blog or people just you know repeat what they read elsewhere.

00:20:17: Please do yourself a favor the commercial and context is required,

00:20:23: it is good it's not bad it's not hurting you but tons of commercial anchortex combined with higher risk combined with lower trust etcetera etcetera cause you problems it's not a speck,

00:20:36: many many more experts go together and so for example when you say 1000 rings.

00:20:43: I could be a thousand subpages or thousand different domains it could be I found some papers with the same,

00:20:51: link text link it to you from a photo or it could be a thousands of pages on a domain with different links with different types of legs they're all that this is not something that you can decide on,

00:21:05: so whenever you see Charles like this where the number of back legs that go up you actually need to ask all these questions.

00:21:14: How many link until Mason how many get up hour trust brand versus money and guess what how we find that out we take those millions of link them crawl them,

00:21:23: so

00:21:25: Number free of cost and you get rid of all those Reese killings and recover from the penalty but you still need to this about those bad things like I said this about one means you send a text,

00:21:37: uploaded to Google search console and tell Google that you don't want this link to come and you should do this very often but half of you.

00:21:47: Actually ignore this post as soon as we ask never uploaded at this above all can you imagine.

00:21:54: To me that sounds like half of the world's population never went to the dentist well.

00:22:04: Or slept.

00:22:08: Anyway it sounds crazy and I would recommend that you say you want to do this you,

00:22:15: upload this about five based on an audit and many of you,

00:22:19: never thought that other stupid at least every six month or every month as often as needed is something that is an interesting question answer because who decides what is in a liter,

00:22:31: we recommend to do it at least every month half of you half of you waited over Google to recall that was this about link.

00:22:41: Call swell only tender this one works at the problem is when you wait for Google to recall that could be a long time,

00:22:51: only 30% of you used boost.

00:22:55: Don't wait that's all wrong stuff so happy waiting ages don't get this of all file to Google not enough,

00:23:05: it's only upload that to such colorful we must recall the link for the this about work and they said it in there could be what Mass to help answer all the web and reprocessed the pages,

00:23:15: which could take a number of weeks actually up to nine months from what we've seen and never would be link exposed.

00:23:23: And could recover as fast as a free days.

00:23:28: Yeah only powerful penguin friendly link something world that we do because ranking without things this really really hot but what does penguin Fred the link mean here just because of Link looks good it doesn't have to be a good link so do yourself a favor and try to free yourself from the thinking that the website if it has a great template,

00:23:46: is actually a great link because that's what a lot of Link cell as it's by my due date I use premium templates come a time it was and then well that doesn't make it a good link,

00:23:56: you want to look at the data and also go for high trust things that are sometimes of really really bad,

00:24:02: websites also I mean looking websites in terms of that design so.

00:24:10: What you could do is also the largest scholarship content off the relevant cost an awful strong link a citation to your website.

00:24:20: What does the word strong link and basically don't ask for the link specifically to the person but you have all the students that are looking for a job so if you do a little scholarship called us and asked for a great contribution you with good wings from universities or.edu with its University places in general and relevant eat wings that is,

00:24:39: what you want lots of Link that's Google was trust and here's another take away for you guys to build Link.

00:24:48: You can check Wikipedia for that link you can replace broken links in Wikipedia why you do that because Wikipedia is super hard Trust,

00:24:57: it's a no follow link and you know what this is great,

00:25:01: go after no follow link or actually do not worry about no follow link if you have to,

00:25:07: take it off all link because the whole publication that whole system they're only allows no for the link that's great Wikipedia is an amazing sauce that is the best proof that no following super helpful and the free tools like to be gravel for example,

00:25:22: but you can also do this with a sidecar month,

00:25:24: and also look at your competitors when it comes to building things link that are safe in Google size in link Detox Ice you can look at,

00:25:34: you can look at the detox risk of your competitors link and of course what I go after those things that have a high-powered and Trust.

00:25:44: The low-risk I was at the lakes that you can pay his half that you don't you could have Google.

00:25:50: For the coming back things using the coming back link tool you find out which link,

00:25:59: they have in common and there is a page that we have for all these tools also on our website we can read more about them and,

00:26:10: I quickly pulled it up here there's a fantastic illustration that we have about the concept,

00:26:16: off the coming back link to I don't have to send the slides here but I think when you look at this you and me that they understand what it's about.

00:26:25: Abcdefgh would be your competitors okay let's assume for the moment that you only have eight competitive,

00:26:34: in the real world if you would only have a competitor's you wouldn't daddy hour or link building or something cuz you will always be the number one or two or three or at least rank on the first page right,

00:26:44: at least you have a local competitors but let this be a simplified diagram and those eight competitors.

00:26:52: Link two different places sorry this is the job for the,

00:27:02: come on back link I'm sorry this job is actually.

00:27:08: I said it wrong I'm sorry I talked about eight competitors what this job actually says it's one two three of your competitors one two and three would be your competitors.

00:27:20: India being link to from abcdefgh and well that is even more simplified because you compare this will have a lot more than a handful of Link okay.

00:27:32: So what NFL.

00:27:39: Link to all three competitors or what those things that are powering all three of your competitors and if you imagine that you will get over on a CB lt4.

00:27:52: 10 or even more domains that have hundreds of thousands of 10,000 of link you would get a lot of,

00:28:00: prospects a lot of potential things that you could go after and this is exactly what we see here in this screen to the Haley you done some we get listed you know which of those,

00:28:13: hour, so bring some of this line here link to six off the six competitors and has a power Trust of 72,

00:28:22: which is amazing you want to go to link there.

00:28:26: You're the one to go after the link that you're missing out on and there was other things that your competitors have that you don't,

00:28:33: and if at least two of your competitors like here is example of link it has ever link from those pages.

00:28:40: You may want to hang out after those things as well,

00:28:45: link show Steve is not a concept to have your competitors link to You indirectly as part of the linkresearchtools over here and hour and it allows you to build a link on a great website that your competitors are linking to.

00:29:00: Recover diagram real fast for God because it looks very similar might be confusing it confused me just a moment ago when I looked at the image that had the same color,

00:29:12: ljt.

00:29:17: Yeah this is what we want this is what you will need to understand if you only take one piece of advice wave from this.

00:29:27: Webinar.

00:29:28: It's this the link show Steve how to get back legs from high off already pages in your nice how does it do that it looks at,

00:29:38: where are your competitors linking to and hair abcdefgh hour your competitors.

00:29:48: Isabel confuse me before it's also 8 and its all the blue but actually in this case these are the competitors link to other websites.

00:29:58: I want to three all halfback link from your competitors and infect.

00:30:07: Especially one two and three,

00:30:10: half the most pancakes if you look at 3 it even has more back thanks a lot of pages but those would be the important ones and.

00:30:19: What you can then do if you take those pages that you compare those link to or at least a domain.

00:30:28: Try to get a link there and when you look at this number to hear it is being link to from three competitors.

00:30:38: When you get a link on number 2 this will mean your competitors Link in directly to you.

00:30:45: And here's the kicker instead of buying the link you could even buy the whole website.

00:30:52: When is it the game maybe that's an interesting angle to look at so.

00:30:59: Because then you're here we have link of us tomorrow from you link,

00:31:04: on your own website please do yourself a favor and set this up for your competitors as well link alert set up on your competitors means you got an e-mail whatever they get your legs and of course go after the strong things they have that you don't,

00:31:19: funny walk right link building opportunities as possible and we do have the scepter which allows you to use,

00:31:26: LOL a lot of search keyword footprint to search for.

00:31:32: What pages to search for websites that link well for these keywords.

00:31:37: And then combined these results with all sorts of data points number back things the number of things to do the main animepoko are referring route to mains.

00:31:48: And the power trust when you see that all of these results come together and this different Cuba to the screen should you see that the Wii,

00:31:58: combine different search a suit a big value here is that you do not have to search for the first Keeper of the second key with a third cute and then do all the excellent work.

00:32:08: We don't want you to work an Excel we don't want you to change the free trick to do with this and that and combined something in fact the only reason I started building linkresearchtools and,

00:32:20: precos of linkresearchtools in 2006 is that I wanted to get proper Tater that I could trust that we could work with,

00:32:29: when being a link building agency back then and this is what the shuffle does it come out of 20 different keyword searches with 200 results and takes away all of duplicate takes away all the trash and.

00:32:42: It's all this SEO metrics to it and this on the screen the three metrics with your chest,

00:32:49: a small selection of the almost hundred different metrics that we can provide you for those results we can slice and dice into the results and from 20 x 200 results for found you first get maybe 2000 still but using the data using the suo metrics and the intelligence that we have about the link data.

00:33:08: Off these results you can go down to the best 20 and then spend all your time too,

00:33:16: try to secure those 20 link he want to close them,

00:33:20: not some of them you want to close each of those 20 link don't waste your time going off the 200 or $500,000 off of 20 past 1 and then spend on energy effort and persistent,

00:33:35: assistance to get them,

00:33:36: I've called before you do that you used to link up at Unity regular tool to make sure that they are really of the very low risk or low risk if there are some high-risk things and mark them,

00:33:49: I would strongly recommend to revisit,

00:33:53: both the link detox and the decision to go after link there maybe it's still high ranking but all the risk signals already say well this page probably gets you into trouble,

00:34:07: ants in all in this example Ron the show a handful of Link one link one bad link won't make or break it but if you do this a lot you will get into trouble.

00:34:17: Something that a lot of people do not know that never talked about.

00:34:22: Set alarm is fixing at finding powerful 404 pages and actually powerful link to 404 pages.

00:34:31: To be precise when you have it for a full Pages mean link cell phone so maybe if someone clicks on the link you may be seen in the Apache web logs or somewhere else but the truth is.

00:34:43: Some link Skype click very very seldom in throwing up the dogs to sit next to Impossible.

00:34:49: Why would build the link choose recovery tool is to rebuild the back and profile rebuild the website structure of expired domains for profit block that works as they're called today,

00:35:00: but when you run this on your own domain you will be shocked to see hundred thousands of 10,000 link broken.

00:35:10: And you can fix that with a simple reader right,

00:35:12: just this morning I looked into a client account to another account on it and see that he had 19450 link going to one page and that one page,

00:35:25: a simple renamed you know we took care about the reader writer maybe forgot about the redirect you know and I may be broke later.

00:35:33: Even popular companies Papa de Su conferences have this problem I talked about this a try from the hundreds of Link can be secured with a simple redirect,

00:35:44: on one single page at all this redirect that we give you inside.

00:35:50: Are the tool of the link choose recovery tool you started some minutes later you're not only see which things out there to be recover you all look up the actual instructions to give to your wetness this just some interesting news.

00:36:04: Questions actually questions that we got all right and now it's question time how can I check if it link ass pay me or not,

00:36:13: how often should you do a link out it for a website how can I convince my clients to pay for recurring link on it what metric can help me determine the link okay let's get this going.

00:36:25: I want to stop it with Ron because he asked this question ride and the beginning already how do you know your might be affected for,

00:36:34: he was pouting all by Fred quality update while the front quality update that's quite a mythical thing if you look at your keywords.

00:36:45: And when you do your own it and you have to suspicion that the keywords penalized,

00:36:54: that's what link detox has you covered all you need to do is filter by that keyword we can set up a slice and only look at all those things for that keyword for Kiva phrase or combination of keywords or a group of keywords or you don't want cause anything that would stop with buy cheap something could be in the truth because,

00:37:17: the cube of power that is actually accurate group Patty or topic penalties sometimes.

00:37:22: What you want to do with you want to go in link detox run the full link detox and then,

00:37:28: the Whitfield the slice and if you want I can show you after these other questions how to actually do it,

00:37:33: in the tool how this works because we got it all in there for years and all you need to do is use that as his question it's important that you are his question,

00:37:45: show how to check for a link,

00:37:47: if it's pay me or not link detox is the answer and you can do that for your existing legs but what I just showed before want to link up with you too and I think I didn't mention that.

00:37:59: The link up at Unity Web YouTube. Just Add reviews to link up with unity,

00:38:05: it can estimate if it link would be spare me or not if you would get it or not so you use it before you actually do the Outreach before you actually time enough money to reach out to the webmaster.

00:38:21: Estimation of the risk off the opportunity.

00:38:24: Link opportunity this is the bacon of Asian here and a lot of people don't even know that this is possible but we made it possible a long time ago actually and so I encourage you to use it,

00:38:36: looking into account looking into account from linkresearchtools as if I see the Lort I know that doing it right I know this will be the people to succeed to make their clients successful outrank all the others because they,

00:38:50: go to extra mile to check if a link whoopies baby are not using the LOL Tito.

00:38:57: How often should you do a link audit for website which is a great question and that's usually the answer,

00:39:05: is something like it depends which days to do it once on a full audit.

00:39:13: And then on the monthly recurring basis you want to do the full audit,

00:39:19: and this will teach you why are recommended to do it then on the monthly basis when you go and you use their most recent liquor Central wash with 25 data sources you might.

00:39:32: You might be shocked to see millions of back legs oh my God what are you guys doing where do you have all the state of from.

00:39:39: Congratulations he used to Best Link audit tool that is out there and then you want to go through all that.

00:39:48: That is a lot of work.

00:39:53: The amount of back things that many websites have is heavily underestimated and you want to do you want to build that Foundation.

00:40:03: Okay you would have a clean Foundation before you actually do any new link building but when you,

00:40:10: look at a website like English website it will get you back thanks it will earn you back this and you were taught at those new back things off cars as well and you don't want to wait until you have a penalty,

00:40:22: soap.

00:40:23: Actually in some Industries very risky Industries or Industries we're competitive detox houses that there's a lot of spam links going on I would even recommend it to do it every two weeks or maybe every week,

00:40:37: the thing is the more you let pile up the more you going to be stressed out then to audit at right make sense,

00:40:44: don't read your emails for 6 weeks I tell you got to be a five-digit number for me and bro I got some measurements and helping place together,

00:40:54: you're nothing that number about,

00:40:56: the same is true here for link if you don't look at your back in four years don't be surprised to see if millions of bad things there that you never saw before that could cause you trouble already cause you trouble so how to convince me for recurrent link all this is exactly this,

00:41:13: reason you do not do your books once every year.

00:41:20: So when you talk about link on it.

00:41:27: Please do me a favor compared to something from the real world compared to accounting every entrepreneur every business person knows that he needs to do is accounting.

00:41:38: Need to know where that,

00:41:40: half has to have someone to look up those books and is financial transaction because I don't wash that's what happens they go out of business.

00:41:50: Nobody in their right mind would say I only want to do accounting 1 spend maybe next year again I may be in two years if you only have two or three transactions every month it might not seem like a lot.

00:42:03: You want to be sure that this doesn't pile up over time the truth is the same as.

00:42:12: For link out it's actually for all organic search optimization what do you think happens in a year Google doesn't sleep to go because the stand still and the web toes change its changes everyday which changes every day so,

00:42:26: well you could actually own some really really bad link from your competitors and not notice for almost a month,

00:42:34: so a month could be too short you need to talk open with a client.

00:42:41: Find you want to do this right you want to be after your competitors you want to compete you want to have a competitive Advantage then you do this thing,

00:42:49: you do this on a regular basis so you can be sure that whatever we do helps you,

00:42:54: some people have the idea that if they do some fantastic, but again a couple of great link that they get an out of jail card for all the other stuff that's going on.

00:43:06: That's not true.

00:43:07: Honestly you know I love contact marketing doesn't get any things if you don't do proper Outreach combined with it all sitting at so whatever the word is 2% a contact to the right people.

00:43:19: So

00:43:21: And you might not have a fantastic campaign going on fantastic link to the campaign running mate and hundreds of people from you link but.

00:43:30: What only got a couple new things at the next to them what happens if you get all these bad Link in addition to from.

00:43:39: Respective oh yeah this is what Barack says I love this brush your teeth everyday please.

00:43:48: Daily if you're like me love it so,

00:43:53: I think that was clear and basically this also depends on the seriousness of your client regarding to online regarding to organic search I hope you could use some of the data that are presented in the big butt when you run.

00:44:08: When you run to this question how often do we need this URL great congratulations because you already got to the point where you at least got the client to understand that the web doesn't sell that the world continues to spin,

00:44:23: well,

00:44:23: and that you need to brush your teeth everyday so at least you don't go to the doctor every month or two months maybe two different house checks go to the dentist twice a year hopefully,

00:44:34: you don't want to have your teeth falling out you know the middle of a very important business meeting or at the wedding of your friend to you so you do that,

00:44:42: the same is true here you said they want to have to bad surprise over totally toxic back link profile in the middle of funeral,

00:44:50: yeah when you baby have a great vacation right I'm so this is like looking after the business like looking after the business in times of doing back I was doing accounting brushing your teeth making sure you do regular audits on your work talk to your customers on a regular basis and this is what you do here,

00:45:07: recurring link office that's what it is there is no one shot.

00:45:12: We only do this once and it would never look at the back leads again no issue you should think about doing that thank you again please.

00:45:20: So what metric can help me determine the link quality number one power and Trust which happened at linkresearchtools for years and they are actually build on,

00:45:29: proper thing. Big day. I love you guys are fancy I get all the guy with the funny mustache.

00:45:37: Redfish can a good friend of mine build nasus build a little Lincoln next update for the metric cold Dan. That is something that measures only the trust.

00:45:48: For the main or the page which is great and I love friend but the problem with that is it measures link quality link Authority on a very small back link index,

00:46:00: remember the picture with the orange pie with a small blue slice if you only look at a blue slides and,

00:46:07: try to calculate something on it you're missing out,

00:46:11: you don't see the full picture this is basic with boss tapa is about this is my rent what's the build a great new.

00:46:18: A great New Lenox and I wish you all success or luck with that because I'm going to be his first most important client I guess when I buy the extra link that up to get,

00:46:30: this into linkresearchtools as another great advancement.

00:46:35: Espero still getting around with probably that works I wouldn't call them Spanish in all the cases somebody might call them spend I might call them aggressive ask you also or what is you trying to.

00:46:50: Use artificial link that works but the simple answer that I have here is yes sir.

00:46:58: Yes ma'am we got around to make shitloads of money they do this and make millions while we're sitting around waiting on the title page is I'm trying to get a couple things for hour websites like hats,

00:47:13: Emma says we might hear from Google people trying to gain the Google algorithmic time.

00:47:20: Have great success still and the profit link that forgets an important work here is private.

00:47:29: They do this because they keep them it works profit so whenever you buy something that is public if it is private blog Network a private link that would be careful.

00:47:39: If it's at all these Facebook groups and everyone I'm saying if you have these great reviews on the world or the black hat the world,

00:47:47: I might not be so private anymore and then this might get you into trouble because maybe Google has those laying some networks on covered already if we can do it they can do it as well.

00:47:59: Throw away two buildings without writing content,

00:48:04: without Brian Compton Swap you want to have great, where you link two and you want to have great content where you link from and who writes it on that well someone has to do it so I would say no,

00:48:17: link Pages a list of Link just on the simple page is that.

00:48:23: What are the must do steps that every SEO should take to avoid penalty.

00:48:29: Active monitoring of cost daily or weekly link audits.

00:48:35: Doing the this tomalak and boost job of course you wanted this about off of this about daily if you can if you have someone on your team,

00:48:45: Anton Bustos link but this is important we talk about SEO stay off and have 500 different plans and of course you have five hundred different life they might only pay you a little bit for a workout was pill.

00:48:58: What a day.

00:49:02: And then you have to next time that and you don't touch them on the next but I need to be so cheap I need to I cannot take after take the class no.

00:49:13: What you need to do is be where did you want to do a great job you want to do this right,

00:49:19: if you take on 500 plus it might pay the bills. You do have a problem because you cannot provide the proper service to them.

00:49:30: Because you don't have time same is true with your big I'm going to say and if you have a thousand employees and you depend on organic traffic,

00:49:38: neutral status warm pool SEO guy try being nice and how I am afraid so that even have two guys that an organization of thousand people making a living from organic search urge you to go and find more people at please try to hire people for your team,

00:49:57: you can always try to Outsource this to an agency but you might end up with an agency that has well 505,

00:50:04: Belleville can be really cheap and I had a lot of people were only this side of the price this could become a big problem,

00:50:12: do penguin family link building we talked about and getting these high-quality link some high-quality, that is what you want to do but developing your team,

00:50:21: developing your a seal team is the most critical part here I guess.

00:50:27: Thought about the SEO software it's not about the money takes to buy some link you want to be after all that and this,

00:50:36: is that the biggest difference I think in people's mind you can still have a beer.

00:50:45: 1111 setup and and run forever.

00:50:50: Like rank tracking all put in my 5 key with some of the stuff sells ranking in this trade because we're great as he owes and stuff those ranking of some automated link buying a place or something no it's not.

00:51:01: Expecting monitoring at the ongoing this about audits link Ridge Cottage are report so what you need to do.

00:51:09: To educate your clients on that.

00:51:11: To educate your stakeholders to team leads your friends your team members your boss your boss's boss go up to speak to whoever you can.

00:51:24: Sun link risk management,

00:51:26: actually serious work it's just like brushing your brushing your teeth like doing account if your accounting department is too small or also you might get into trouble with the textile floor,

00:51:38: educator Clyde key learnings for your clients you need to make them understand the long-term aspect of link on it.

00:51:47: You are the doctor,

00:51:48: for those ongoing health checks you are the sco you are the expert there is no excuse why you shouldn't talk about that there's no excuse for you not doing that please do yourself a favor through your face right.

00:52:03: But we don't have the money for this we don't have time for this you know when you hear something like we don't have time for this it really means this is not a priority.

00:52:12: Make them understand that this needs to be a priority if they were left time and so late about it.

00:52:19: You are efficient your most efficient because you use linkresearchtools in the audit there a lot of people pitching pitching like raising and selling a link on it for a couple hundred bucks come on.

00:52:33: I don't know,

00:52:34: if you think that you can go over hundred thousands of patents or even millions of back legs in the link either other than a couple hours even a couple hours would be on the paid with that you don't,

00:52:45: Mid Valley office you need to pay your team members you need to pay the accountant at all these things low-balling on the audit or squeezing it into the project.

00:52:54: It's not the ejective this is a big mistake I see happening every day oh what we could have secured more money to do this so we need to do a little bit of this there is no little bit off at full audit,

00:53:08: the full thing you are doing the full thing make your plan understand that you're the best,

00:53:15: bus to go to to do the full thing the full audit you get trained by the inventors of Link audits of Link detox.

00:53:24: I'm talking to you right now and if you want we can even go into more private trainings with you.

00:53:32: I want to make sure that you are successful and this is something that only works if your clients are successful if you undersell them if you go and do the things I do the powerful thing you do yourself a disservice because you do your closet this service and this well,

00:53:51: come back to you.

00:53:54: So these are the killer link that I want to give you make sure to talk to your customers to your clients to your stakeholders,

00:54:03: the only reason we building so choose is to make this work on link data simply possible.

00:54:12: I talked to people at conferences all these webinars and I always hear the same story all we do this by hand we have an intern that just you know came to us and he's going to build us a nice little script in Excel and then we going to combine a living Day to all cells,

00:54:28: folks it's not a combining you can do that go and,

00:54:32: buy all the link that you can get downloaded and sip it put it into Excel to the deduplication a thing grade and then you have an Excel sheet with a 30 million.

00:54:45: What you need to do next is to make sure that these things are actually still there you only got something and not everyone knows that Majestic talks about that.

00:54:56: They do have they do have any store game that you can buy them back and stayed up there they start a Nexus backing data up to five years old.

00:55:06: You want to.

00:55:08: You want to you don't base your decisions on if you want to do a surgery on the other than inspection on when I bought it 5 years ago.

00:55:19: No you know everyone has a friend or someone in the family.

00:55:25: Has cancer at some of you will have to scan setting your backing profile you want to go after it,

00:55:32: just looking at your left hand will not show you if you're confident enough.

00:55:40: If it's not there right.

00:55:44: Try to explain that to your class and they were saying oh wow now I get it thank you so much.

00:55:51: When can we stop and maybe they will not even talk about their patches anymore they want that.

00:56:01: You want them to one that so you are the SEO superhero for your plans you are the Su doctor for your clients this is your job your position please do yourself a favor and position yourself.

00:56:15: Best at so we have a couple questions coming in here from Eric.

00:56:21: How often should you do a link detox post should you do the boot for all this about link so Justin you leave this world once if you do it only for the most recent this about things how do you do that.

00:56:32: Eric what happens in link detox is it whenever you click the link to the Post-it notes which things to boost so when you click the button it know what's which things were posted and send some to link detox boost,

00:56:44: what I would suggest here is that you simply follow the logic that we have in the system and you're going to be fine.

00:56:51: Reposting is something that you could do if you don't see them tracked and,

00:56:56: there is a functionality in link detox pools that tells you when Google visited page sometimes it's broke because you know Google changes a lot of things but I want tracking works like a charm for many years I was short interrupt us and we can measure if we actually saw that was link,

00:57:13: recall them when you want them to reach all so this is what we use thank you that's an amazing question so so that will throw.

00:57:26: Yes so elati daily is an interesting question from pita pita saying you have downgraded to start a package so that it shows less your else I would rather have one credit,

00:57:41: 1 credits per month that shows all of my links rather than 5 that only shows some I'm one of many photographic business the 10 upgrade.

00:57:53: Thank you so much for that question that's a very important question see what we did is we have limits in all the plants,

00:58:02: what we did is we did not let you do the wrong thing anymore.

00:58:11: Again you always had a limit of 6000 Link in your starter package.

00:58:18: In the past and this is a true story it happened to Clyde about they went in for the starter package because they fault we're just starting out right you know what their plan was it was asap.com.

00:58:31: 60 million back legs and we only took a sample of 6000 you know what happened,

00:58:38: we thought up too late and that looks really really bad because that's a 1,000 I don't want my clients to suffer this,

00:58:47: so what we did this we changed the lost it would change these checks and we do not allow partial artist anymore we do not support that this is not something we offer anymore p and.

00:59:01: When this was possible in the past I'm very sorry for that because back then I assume that everyone would do the right research at wrong with all the day that we have and pick the right plan the best many people picked the wrong plan so this is hour,

00:59:17: problem it's our job to fix that and I hope we fix that so in this case it's actually an upgrade because you also,

00:59:24: allo allo allo to fight a lot more legs,

00:59:28: our job is to find combine all these things for you and if you do have a 300000 things you need to pick up line this. That is the true thing and that's a fact that I'm.

00:59:40: I'm confident to tell you that we're doing the right thing by letting you do this ride again if you do.

00:59:49: Think about doing a partial other than looking at a small percentage please do yourself a favor save your own time and Sanity and ours as well and do not do it.

01:00:01: There is no little bit of pregnant.

01:00:05: You're pregnant on the track the drive the same is true for link goddess you want to do the full thing whatever we can get and I'm super proud that we could increase the back Link phone for so many web sites no that's what it is.

01:00:18: And I would strongly recommend you to go back and actually think about.

01:00:25: What's worth more the time that you spent now doing it right or a couple hundred bucks.

01:00:35: Did you save because you think you cannot afford this in my opinion you cannot afford to not do it you want to do the full audit with whatever it takes and let me be clear.

01:00:46: It's about the link that we crawl when you have when you have.

01:00:53: Back legs storing goes back thanks is simple crawling them,

01:00:58: hunger thousands of them or millions of them it's not simple it costs a lot of resources it cost us a lot of resources do we not only pay for extra data to hour provide us with pay for a tow service and network resources and cost and we combine all data,

01:01:15: take away the data that is not a problem for you but we need to crawl all the day the first okay so I how I could explain that.

01:01:25: Well enough thank you very much for the question because yeah I can understand you know it looks like a problem in the first place but actually we can make your own it better now it is an upgrade.

01:01:37: We have so much water in the product that I encourage you to go in there and let's do this you want to do the link audit on the proper size right now.

01:01:48: Money that you pay for it now would be a great investment.

01:01:53: Certainly not the first time and I'll tell Austin that you pay more than you think you would pay for something but it's a great investment into your future because if you don't do this out it now it might come back to you later on.

01:02:06: Take this as the best recommendation I have for you,

01:02:09: and yeah this means thank you and how to show a slice of turkey with a little little creek let me log into the product right now.

01:02:22: So you hold it. Selection works I'm going to find every good here.

01:02:29: And we do have the wait that's going to come in a moment.

01:02:35: Linkresearchtools hour wait I'm in the wrong sorry.

01:02:45: What's 3 / 3 / 3 boats tons of free but you can imagine you know when linkresearchtools account I collected.

01:02:56: Quite a lot of reports over the time.

01:02:59: What is yes let me look this song daily reports recurring reports I don't want to show you a really great example of what to look at.

01:03:17: Here's that rainy account that I love so much to show with actual slide examples that we use in the way to not already.

01:03:34: Reports are hair fake link to so competitive research how wonderful the CDA outside use them a lot.

01:03:45: Is examples because I would love the fact that this is a small note to say a small of this is not a big brand but still a company that depends heavily on the organic soap,

01:03:59: when we look at this report here.

01:04:05: The risk is really really high because I didn't upload any dismal link since I did not load any disc golf eyes here this is the reaper that we did ourselves as a preparation for auto body soap,

01:04:18: what we look at this you know we have an income tax break down this is your first.

01:04:24: Check look at all these keywords you see all the red.

01:04:30: Wow that's a lot of QFC in Red so let's assume we do we have a key right.

01:04:36: Autolisp sauces whatever that is the other list product not my best expertise on that one what you see right now is that we are.

01:04:49: Why does Cuba and you see the default is all the list sources with the match like.

01:04:58: Def will we get all the issues here off this and we have 32 Pages link you trust with this out of the 3000 so when we go further.

01:05:12: It's either at the Federation we could change this to maybe say equal.

01:05:21: Best exact match. Only on this keyword okay so that would reduce the number of link a little bit here.

01:05:31: And what we do now is we save this as a slice off a lisp resources,

01:05:40: what it is or maybe conventions help big time whiskey rose Rock Resources with.

01:05:49: Aw in the beginning I was safe to slice here how it was my mom's cuz again I lost it all.

01:05:59: HotBox saving the slice you see the slice get out of here.

01:06:07: When you click on that it opens up the report what's the key was slices out of all the data and you see.

01:06:15: Looking at this the total risk.

01:06:21: Wait to order the total risk for that keyword so for that keyword only we have a risk of 987 and that.

01:06:31: Ladies and gentlemen this close to a pound it I would say if you saw a drop in your rankings for this specific keyword then,

01:06:41: this is a call to action to look after the back things and when we look at the back things for that key would alone in this life only those 32 pages I listed here.

01:06:50: There are some with a very high risk all the top three here but also suspicious things more and more and more and I would say you know.

01:06:58: Some of them should be rabbit and you know going through 32 Pages using the link detox Trina is exactly what you need to do.

01:07:09: To be better safe than sorry because that's right you'll notice that some of these how is things actually have a,

01:07:15: great power truss on the main level the page has a Powerhouse of cereal so that doesn't make them look too good,

01:07:22: but I want to be sure this is what we recommend all uses to do with the new link between of us even fast and easy to do now you just go,

01:07:31: through the pages and see how we can do it at all it really fast we see all these things going here and the stock.

01:07:39: Dr. Gant and L stock.

01:07:43: You got this is I think giant stop it stop it stop it and that one here looks for this payment doesn't it I would give this a phone and disavow on the.

01:07:57: Well the pace level here cuz I'm not sure about the rest of the domain yet it looks no the power Trust of the main oh my God is no trust and no no no no no this is a visible under the main level 2 going to the next page.

01:08:11: I will probably owe ya find another one let's make sure I skip sidewall link from Pages at this point on the main level and go to the next one,

01:08:20: is a great example of a high-risk link from some off is that looks pretty pretty bad but the reality is there is a lot of stuff can you see the HTML Source Kodi I don't see anything that looks like Marcus,

01:08:36: link are so ratchet link twice here.

01:08:40: She's interesting I'm not sure why that is but the overall domain here is overpower Trust of age.

01:08:49: And that means maybe this is just a very weak page as we say from.

01:08:56: Looking on a week page for the money keyword.

01:09:03: Owner that owns implicate CAD knows better about the industry and this is what I recommend you to do alone.

01:09:13: Link detox learn the audit train your clients to do this on a regular basis because this favorites here just say from some bookmarks service or something I don't know.

01:09:26: Adam Shirley don't know none of them look trustworthy and so you can always.

01:09:32: Used to keyboard also that this about here but this is how it works you know.

01:09:38: You see all these highlights you see always paid it you can use these Keys like you would play a video game you can do some all link see using that I can.

01:09:49: A for the whole domain has to skip the cycle length W to clear this of all,

01:09:55: so we can use the codes of keys and I'm using my keyboard right now what's this about a lot of weed link when we look at this link here this sub page from an edu page,

01:10:07: this is the typical of a page that is on a,

01:10:13: private space on University and of course it's really really old fuck the fact that the domain is quite trusted and the risk is low I would call is great link let's move on I'm looking at next link you see,

01:10:25: we also get all the link listed that are on the page.

01:10:30: Old is Tramadol main here loads really slow and where she got a timeout live now so at the time of the pro link it was life and now in My Demo here it's not like this is what I was talking about when it's a problem call the web I love the website Saarthal.

01:10:44: You want to be linked with all these out of a resource of a Russian lip cat page talks about CD.

01:10:53: Russian link a lot of people ask a from that actually love this page because it looks like a legit resource and it would give his I found Bob and keep this link because I won't ever ask is also not high enough.

01:11:08: Do you see how I give feedback to the softer hour train link detox grade link,

01:11:14: in my account this means my influence influence the results this works in my account you see all these pages from Russia.

01:11:24: Bookmarks okay these my book collection but it looks like these are part of a bigger side,

01:11:32: bigger lips of a bigger.

01:11:37: Speaker set off pages from a certain okay this guy my last page looks like a very very very old.

01:11:48: Private website.

01:11:50: Okay but going back to the original question how do you look at the risk for the back this this is exactly how it works using the slice,

01:11:59: using the power of the filth of slices a lot of users do not know this and we have some slices here prepared,

01:12:06: you can look at all this without the nofollow things also so when I click here I actually sliced Depot I created a slice off the slice.

01:12:15: Is that awesome so,

01:12:18: that's how it works and I hope I could explain that well if you have any other questions hair.

01:12:29: Yeah you do Chris how does it remain like cabbage soup diet not get a list for over optimization of anchor text.

01:12:41: I don't know.

01:12:43: Nothing I don't nothing about this domain right now because this is not how it works when you have a domain you started link detox you do all,

01:12:52: the work to do at link audit and then you have an idea if it's actually over optimized and what you might not know is that the keyboard.

01:13:01: It's not something that can be over often I so easily if it's very,

01:13:06: proper probably very typical in that space we got a tool call competitive landscape and Eliza when we look at the Distribution off the key word racist,

01:13:16: 20% manicure link 50% manicure link 80% manicure link you think 80% manicure links out bad no they're not.

01:13:26: It's not the question if they're good or bad what are you read on bosses wrong and only true for one example that we talking about.

01:13:35: Let me load this report here still I think my computer's limit slow down okay.

01:13:43: What we see here is 31% ratio for money keyword link and.

01:13:51: 39% of the back thanks for the talk free 32 and 24 for the top 10 on average have money Kira Link in the back and profile so.

01:14:03: 31%,

01:14:04: manicure link perfectly fine here this is not a problem so this is what you need to do you need to do the leg work you need to go and do the comparative research to get an understanding of what is natural of what you can do in your back approval,

01:14:20: if you want to only 10% Meineke Brakes in this specific needs,

01:14:24: you would end up a form you would under optimize just because you follow some general advice on some Su blocked like Mars or others.

01:14:35: You are doing it wrong.

01:14:38: I always use Moss as an example because they have such a following because they have such great confidence but also, that is too simple.

01:14:47: That is not giving you the full picture there is no general rule and SEO with all these things that we talking about the pen on the country the language,

01:14:56: the keyboard and your competitors this is what the competitive landscape analyzed is about this is true,

01:15:04: did you use to find out what is natural all night and again we got a full page about that on our helps I'd explain you exactly how it works so let me share that real quick here in the truck as well,

01:15:19: if you go to help linkresearchtools.com this is your answer to every question you didn't find them. Up. Link that shows, and it will show you exactly how to use the soft step by step what you and how it runs would you get out of it how you read it,

01:15:35: and why you actually do all this okay this is more than just a mineral about the buttons it helps you understand what it's for.

01:15:45: Do you need more low following so follow link with Cubed race is good which one is bad this is what it's all about so.

01:15:54: And just because it's an EMD that ranks number one for cabbage soup diet means nothing,

01:16:00: they might rankle cabbage soup diet because it's an AMD but probably they blend it with their back and profile MD's might work.

01:16:09: I give you a little bit offended about there and not guarantee for top-ranking depends on the competition and I would encourage you to start a competitive landscape analyzer for cabbage soup.

01:16:21: That this works like this let's do this having cabbage soup..com.

01:16:29: What's first create a new project because you know this is all preset.

01:16:38: What's that CD I don't think have a soup diet.

01:16:43: Ul and now we want to find a competitive cabbage soup diet kiwi Google my guess.

01:16:53: Find the pages,

01:16:55: when you classify Meineke what are you considering it as a manicure for the specific needs my domain is butt face or anything related to finish I would be a money key word for you exactly however if I have income tax for pet food because of negative SEO how would I classify pet food.

01:17:11: I would classify that this money cute as well because Meineke was hour essentially.

01:17:18: The riskiest thing left because they're a manicurist because they are often used in combination with so those pet food link for example with them hoes be money kewa someone tries to ring for money.

01:17:32: Keyword pet food that could hurt your website or make you rank better for pet food instead of cabbage soup diet.

01:17:39: Get the idea so we don't have a specific extra class for that case because we you know we got some such as this for even 10 or 20 different types of.

01:17:49: Categories and you don't want to do it when we combine when we compare ourselves you know you already see WebMD you don't want to.

01:18:00: Compare yourself to WebMD although it's funny that they all the rank for well it's medical side,

01:18:07: he's out of websites we just look at and we start a full analysis quick example the sampling that was something that you could use them off like this one to get a quick idea of what's going on in the industry.

01:18:21: this report was run and Sample analysis mode consider full analysis and when we spell this out in the tool,

01:18:28: in a very nice way to say consider please,

01:18:32: take my personal recommendation do yourself a favor and run the full analysis before you do anything else in fact I click on rerun this in full right now I don't even want to wait seconds before getting the result and I restart the full analysis because all you do is you base your decision on the full analysis.

01:18:53: So I'm running Apostle audits here in the cemper,

01:18:57: it's not for making decisions on it is to getting an understanding of which domains are we looking at what's the link velocity trying how many refer to me that only has 73,

01:19:09: I 732 from GroupMe.

01:19:13: Go to bed well the number doesn't decide on all of that power and Trust distribution seems to be interesting because they seem to have a no no no,

01:19:24: this is what I mean we have not even finished here the progress he is 30 and I should wait at least until this one is finished but then you will find all kinds of keywords to classify,

01:19:36: this is what you need to do please do your homework and understand you need whatever you find here will be interesting but please,

01:19:45: go and go for the full audit and this will mean you will,

01:19:49: wait longer you will find more link she will classify more keywords and have better results and therefore you will succeed you will do the full thing this is what linkresearchtools is about combining good at doing the full thing,

01:20:03: do yourself a favor and don't settle for less than the full audit less than the full comparison,

01:20:10: and if this is your only key but congratulations I would assume that cabbage soup diet is just your make you it so please rerun this for a turkey with as well.

01:20:19: And we have a tool like the competitive Cuban analyze weekend pass in multiple keywords and then just find all the parents in there.

01:20:27: Okay that was an amazing question Erica thank you very much for this exciting to hear that.

01:20:35: And yeah I would like to end that webinar right now because we're way over time and I do have a next call coming up and therefore I would like to say thank you thank you very much my name is Christoph camper out of Vienna.

01:20:50: Fond of the linkresearchtools I wish you a wonderful day and I'm going to stop this now before talking about an hour I hope to see you in the next baby doll very very soon and.

01:21:03: Thank you very much bye bye.

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