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00:00:12: Hello and welcome my name is Christoph C. Cemper LinkResearchTools and is my link building and SEO podcast and I got a very relevant very on top guest today for you.

00:00:25: The marketing director of majestic.

00:00:28: Hey Crystal how you doing.

00:00:30: How great I'm I'm I'm I'm pleased I'm I'm about to have you here the show and you don't I know you for so many years and your politics for so many years but maybe for the listeners that don't know Jess to go to the person who are you and what's your background.

00:00:44: I'm so I used to run I eat,

00:00:47: search the Salton Sea way back in the day but in a roundabout 2009 I teamed up with Alex to stop what you want Majestic it was with Jessica to go back then and bring it to Market,

00:00:58: and Houston from room at the time we feel that we probably have to get,

00:01:03: because Matt Anderson Elvis lights in 30 languages because customers in over 100 countries and we have other people but not me,

00:01:16: the biggest lake in that's on the planet and what we've really got it Steve,

00:01:22: the flexibility and understanding on the beat those metrics to understand just how good every web pages in relation to the other web page and not just by taking somebody else's dated by getting the room tonight,

00:01:36: what are the biggest with quarters on the planet now.

00:01:38: Wow that's impressive I'm not I love your product and so many others do as well and you know.

00:01:45: Crosslink you and Phillip when we.

00:01:50: We got an API to Grace with you as well but uses can you plug in and connect with all these things as well so you have two different you about that some people do not read.

00:02:03: That's precise that you got a fresh in Dixon a storage Inn Dixon what's the difference.

00:02:08: Really wasn't standing the difference of some people I mean I start out by saying that if you don't know the difference just using the fraction X which probably gets me into trouble,

00:02:19: because you you know that up at,

00:02:21: I usually say the people at the Fashion that says probably what's happening now that's a good indication what's happening now but in truth the freshen thanks is every web page that week rules,

00:02:33: over 90 day cool cycle so that means you can have loads of pages and be around for like 10 20 years.

00:02:43: Adobe in the fresh index because we've seen them in the last 90 days if,

00:02:48: said very very cool pages that are get link to buy anything with her to come over and then off to the 90-day you still have the infection or cooler will never get them again because he's got more important things to do,

00:02:59: but in that instance it will stay in the historic index I'm historic index two guys back of a five he has seen a lot of information in that but the reason we have to in Texas because,

00:03:10: there is so much information that is starting that is so large that it takes,

00:03:17: month to do the calculations on the finance rates are off-limits you to know pills on the floor you really do have to understand the whole Matrix of the web to be able to do the mass and takes him up so so so the flow of depression that we can do the at,

00:03:33: the Mexico the French index in a roundabout a day sometimes a day in a few hours so she could have really fresh and out of that again.

00:03:43: It does mean that.

00:03:45: Old Link so sorry pool pool pages will drop off into the yet into the store he said I'm going to still exist so it will be existed in the historic index,

00:03:55: important links will always stay in the fresh indexed unless we get blocks from page.

00:04:01: So if the historic index has all the low priority sup sup sup pages of some forums and maybe some blogs that I have that a way that a Note 3 visited so awesome.

00:04:12: Kendall salerosa date to littlest adult in Texas to contain delete link so we will flag if we if we see a page going off,

00:04:19: we will like it deleted the thing is the fresh index off the 90 days that will drop out of the election together so,

00:04:26: you can never have the any any links in there that are too old she was a mean,

00:04:32: goes down so it's so that's an interesting thing you can look a lot different in Lincoln Texas and most of the other ones and I will have different parameters on that so when you count you might find yourself no comparing like with life,

00:04:47: which tends to happen quite a lot.

00:04:49: So I sort of hate also deleted links that not only deleted.

00:04:55: Hippos can't contain to meeting spots but there is a loss deleted stuff and then tonight cuz not a lot of pages hang around,

00:05:02: 10 years in exactly the same form and I will press being a good example because she died two minutes later a page changes at URL.

00:05:11: That's that's great great update as I heard this in a misunderstanding or misinterpretation also from several people in the last month especially that they thought,

00:05:21: the historic in Texas like a history look like your revision lock you know that you have in a database all the princess to look up something where they thought only that the leader things would go to Historic so they wouldn't want to pay before the link audit.

00:05:34: Yeah I know you will find live links in the starting next week of the Sun.

00:05:42: Yeah it's it's actually a cat that confirms what we've seen you know when we have this huge Global Brands where we in,

00:05:49: 280 million also from the historic index Andrey troll dad and Link research tools we find you know that of course I told the link,

00:05:58: the broke Mall deleted all redirected but in this example 280,

00:06:03: historic in up to five years old we found 80 million new links on pages on the side or on those pages where they just changed in the last 5 years obviously.

00:06:13: Yeah we can do,

00:06:15: is if they really want to get it will together they can we have your Elsa Minnesota so they could they could resubmit the historic index,

00:06:24: into a hula we think of each woman then we going to look today space again we didn't I stay so I could take a few days too so that's why I found you come do it if your Twitter or Google better,

00:06:36: but it's somewhere in the round was a fan of possibilities and then you know you could do that cuz you couldn't,

00:06:45: put out $200,000 into a URL submitter.

00:06:48: Give me a hundred thousand and one bachelor's house and Powell.

00:06:51: Yep you can you can upload up 200001 baksha.

00:06:54: If I send you a hundred million you also get from you the historic submitted their you recall those hundred million you.

00:07:00: So no hundred hundred thousand hundred thousand.

00:07:03: How to tell time.

00:07:04: Every time I speak to you just to be on the couch through a regular person.

00:07:14: Okay okay got it okay but this is helpful Majestic we could push basically links into the fresh and except you want the fresh index.

00:07:23: It's not it's not guaranteed and we don't guarantee the book whatever single page cuz we will get blocked from some,

00:07:29: some of the money just anymore anyway because I will he be dead,

00:07:34: and to so some of them you know we won't get to idle so we have our own rules and I'll Trula to try and stop by hitting it on any website too hard and that's it.

00:07:47: Sensational.

00:07:50: How do you solve the problem you know where we talked about crawling that you know,

00:07:54: especially SEO rules after a link that work spread out on many different service many different IP still on the same physically holes do you have a detection for that problem as well be,

00:08:05: because they look like they're very different but when you hear that it's the same GPS from this guy that is how does a piece attached to it.

00:08:11: Old on the same server so we divide a map on IP so I'm to be doing surgery talk as well so,

00:08:21: it depends how he's not the eyepiece if he's going to go all around the world with that were originally designed for being around 11:31 to 7.

00:08:31: Hyphens with rocchio talked in so far is going to be why he's going to get that right from that perspective I think you can son make out that you will website stuff from different,

00:08:42: don't would you like something different websites the thing that happens there is a boomer suddenly that want to get truck driving to those those links.

00:08:51: That's interesting I speaking of a trust robot,

00:08:56: something even more important you don't the first scene that is something that is always you know confused over people think I think it's new how does it work with a fresh of the historic index.

00:09:09: Yes I can play dress up so because the fresh index is made up of,

00:09:16: 90 different rules up to 90 different rules of the internet so we Crusade everything is different up and then.

00:09:29: Set off of 90 sets of,

00:09:32: and we then show the first down that is a first down that within that 90 days coolest,

00:09:39: links ripping around for much more than 90 days to the way that we put it in a system is if it's in the first five to seven days so that we put a little less than sign on the date to sit sit to say it's probably,

00:09:52: you know it's at least as old as that you could then look it up in the historic index and you would and if you found it in that you would find,

00:10:01: the earliest first and that cuz that we looking at all the indexes we've run in historic index you find a much earlier date,

00:10:11: the first found that is only roulette relative to the next you gotta freshen that you let me Friday for the last 90 days historic index your friend dates in The Last 5 Years.

00:10:21: Well well impressive it's it's complex tough isn't it.

00:10:26: Yeah it is on edge because we get stuck going back really really quickly and we built it you know like a proper search engine search,

00:10:35: it really is a fun house when the day that comes back seat write something into Majestic and it just goes back and I just Googled different,

00:10:46: yeah and you know when you when you were in a when people a few hours and things United We Stand Out as it is really having,

00:10:55: robaste be only because we got back efficiency in the system but the cost of that is you know he comes.

00:11:02: Commercial have no ties into one big dataset then you would spend.

00:11:09: Minutes you cannot. Because it's going to kind of do things and then you have two different sets of Mass on the phone as well so complications come when you will deal with big date of the eat.

00:11:20: Don't necessarily understand how people don't understand when they're playing with Excel.

00:11:25: Yeah I think but this is also where you don't Majestic is so different from from LRT and Majestic Casino trying to approach the whole web like you set the whole internet in a database or into databases.

00:11:38: Our philosophy has always been to just get whatever we can for a client before you know one domain or for a set of commands offline and then refresh whatever you know we find from you from Google search control all these things combined at the have a very,

00:11:52: different philosophy.

00:11:53: Turkey definition it is totally different and under to both of them exist in this is why you know,

00:11:59: we love each other so much in there and chat conversations because you want your Tailoring,

00:12:06: whatever the dates of the season the information that you can get for you for the client once they made that the search criteria where's I need to have this information every website on the planet and I need to have the information,

00:12:21: I say I in a majestic we need to have that information to be able to do the math for the flat rate so,

00:12:29: Sor Prime festivities to get enough of the internet to have a meaningful.

00:12:35: I know you think we we can then give you the best link so we can give you that I'm the link so that only leaves from.

00:12:45: EBay whatever whatever you want to do.

00:12:47: Yeah yeah yeah how do you handle that you don't but blocking you know robots.txt.

00:12:52: If you are over 60 to not get into trouble with your ice Peas I guess.

00:12:59: But from an a competitive intelligence then point that means every SEO that really does something to hide something can do so by blocking it on Majestic blocking eighth rest,

00:13:12: fucking balls fucking all these parts so his legs wouldn't I shouldn't show up in your database.

00:13:17: Yeah I know it's interesting we do Black River Stage so we took.

00:13:27: This a cup of interesting things the first is a coolest week or information about that website cuz we can see with the link to that website so we'll still reporting the links that website,

00:13:37: the other thing that happens there is yes they can block that outbound links and start selling link so we can see or something like that.

00:13:44: That usually depresses the value of a link if you can see any any value in its Council of the primary studying but more importantly.

00:13:56: Looking.

00:13:58: Majestic boat leaves a big big question which anybody can see if if you're about seeing site.

00:14:07: Why will one why does somebody want to broke Majestic over that matter actress almost because.

00:14:16: I said just know people they wouldn't do that.

00:14:19: Doing it for a reason and it's only two reasons one is to protect family in which case is it extremely cheap hosting provider,

00:14:28: Pantera because let's face it in Atlanta Monday.

00:14:34: They doing it to to hide something and so I think those two things together and leave more questions long-term and bury Moines that we will record when we chill.

00:14:48: So we know we know we know when people started to I think so we finding weed we keep track of how much we yet we get breakfast in the Fijian well quite a bit.

00:15:02: Also try to flag but but you know when to worry about that.

00:15:09: We could get around it and no souls different ways but we choose and I'll tell you which is to let people come to the realization that we could go ice and which one atom of good on the internet and battling.

00:15:21: And the pop locking history for a domain is that something that I can look at a majestic to you don't spot.

00:15:28: Well you know what if it's broke but I will text you you can come to the store I can find out the date that we try to hit so.

00:15:37: So I missed them information that was the first town days of that so that glow so yeah we we have some dates and stuff we got some ideas.

00:15:46: Hahaha.

00:15:47: Kansas please.

00:15:50: If you can see that then do we can see that and that is actually the issue that the soap.

00:15:55: So wonderfully high that things were actually much as I don't want to you don't my fellow at competitive seals see these links.

00:16:05: This is what I tell to Google as well hey Google I don't want my competitors to see this thing's just in case.

00:16:10: How many people think if it sitting there looking at search engine is sitting there looking to see where that looks like it's hitting the wall trying to sleep Google do you think that they wouldn't you could look at it see it or trying to test you that user agent to see whether run,

00:16:27: what with this website is blocking out but I mean it's not beyond the weight of man to figure out,

00:16:36: you know that maybe a deception of Aaron.

00:16:38: It's a huge footprint I would call this a link Netflix footprint that is very easy and cheap to spot without even someone noticing interesting never agree on that one.

00:16:52: Get off.

00:16:54: It's helpful to fight in a while and actually even on some sup sup sup pages of Highly trusted domains,

00:17:02: this is something you know that till just recently mentioned we talked about how I'm actually all the possible and get them and switched off of me because my understanding lost it.

00:17:11: People you know always so it that way that you could sneak in I'll call paid wings and an attack things into really good sides with she told.

00:17:21: Of those people are promoting that they would only look at at the main to know if it's a good or bad while links coming from it right so I was right.

00:17:31: Obviously an unnatural link is it on there for link depending on how it was created in or it was emotionally how is credited I think,

00:17:42: the force behind that the the the the the link in the first place.

00:17:47: I was in a Camaro hard to spot if I just dropped in on on the website.

00:17:56: The office paying rent so so if you land in French author,

00:18:01: you have to include you have to you have to write it yourself because that's your influences is part of it,

00:18:08: if you have been selling Lanes then once once you've seen that this person has been selling its on this so on this all to here instead of going around at the main.

00:18:17: You know why wouldn't Google then stop photo in the author and say that's going to find all the proposed by the author and to consider that is so.

00:18:27: 3M

00:18:29: It's difficult to describe to that one place I think that somebody is selling less than 1000 stuck in truck by the magnetron the truck by personally.

00:18:39: Yeah yeah and this is why you know in 2015 we started extracting a link office and Anna page office you know out of the attic you know where they basically say written by this guy in the face but with a LinkedIn with.

00:18:53: Twitter and all these things that we moved them into our McDonough index to look up.

00:18:58: Because that makes so much more sense than any other y'all know any great website it would be good but if there is just one off of that would be grow up there and pay.

00:19:09: Get paid for that links them that is what Google wants to find so I think we great again thanks.

00:19:14: How to fill in to find that his nana.

00:19:17: Yeah well sometimes it is but you know there's no one-size-fits-all there's no perfect match really can get as good as seen on.

00:19:26: We can try and get better all the time and.

00:19:30: This is also something that I kept reaching for the last couple of months regarding you know increasing the number of packages to be other than making sure that people audit all the available backlink.

00:19:45: I found it constantly you know under discussion.

00:19:49: People came up with the idea that they could you know understand the backing profile by looking at a few percent off the back since you know having a cheap plan of Link research tools just looking at a 10000 things or hundred thousand things went actually had a minion.

00:20:03: Yeah it's it's it's depends a little bit on what they want to do as to how much they can take if you're trying to find good links.

00:20:14: A good candidate so good dinner good information and then you can generally start with the good links but if you're trying to find the.

00:20:22: The bad stuff the stuff you need to decide as a hobby Show Business it's about time consent time attention.

00:20:29: Yeah and an antenna specially you know data from the historic index would be beneficial to that ride with older and low priority improve pages.

00:20:35: Yeah yeah yeah it would be because that's where all the real girl says because you know if we called it 3 years ago Google cruel if he is going to sew it we both laugh.

00:20:48: Yeah I think you know there still a lot of fun I get a mental actions that's more of a safe technology to get rid of that one you know if you're good communicating with you being mean just kind of there ahead of some cases where it was really not the lead removal or at the Swap that got the mental action gone but for penguins,

00:21:05: older older links impacting the Penguins and the calculations right now especially when they also find it on pages or on key was where you would not even see that,

00:21:15: the full impact because it's not a zero or a hundred percent it's Rod or something in between and this gets even more important what you would not see no,

00:21:24: if you're only have a fraction of your back in April for Lexi audited.

00:21:27: Yeah they say it is hot in an NHL so it's not we can never get a perfect and I'm sure I'm sure you you you you Tyler and steal things and and and and cuz you already trading down on the,

00:21:41: on the website you could smoke granularity the week three Pence wouldn't,

00:21:45: set times but it's 10 impossible to the site yet this is everything right because of cruel the dataset so different getting close to the truth.

00:21:59: But you never got exactly the same as the customer is trying to make a map of whatever I'm trying to make it more and more and more and more accurate.

00:22:13: Ultimately the only way I can make an answer is if he built an exact replica of the original so you know you can't do that and so all these you know the winning the world.

00:22:28: Google is not looking at The Links at all as an incident when I'm looking over them so I just went to the office have.

00:22:35: The vast majority in Senate of Georgia big ones.

00:22:38: Exactly that's cuz I'm not a question regarding the link age I was I had this you know.

00:22:48: The people said yeah you know if a link is old what I want to hear that we're not interested in it because it doesn't work anymore anyways.

00:22:54: Yeah this to this two things that I had the fishing is an old blanket still a really really important that you know if it if it's being on the home page of the BBC for 10 years,

00:23:04: I think it isn't every time Google goes long as it still that it says yeah that's fresh again now that's great I like that that's that's my current view of the world so yeah I know link is still a good link if it's on a good page if it's an old link,

00:23:19: on a post is now going into obscurity and now has no links into itself and becomes a new batch of internet if it's getting a jewel patient has generated links,

00:23:34: did have given it trust me as a time of page rank every time then that that will stay and that will be you know,

00:23:42: foundational internet is another analogy which is.

00:23:48: Just because the the Katrina American Idol is no longer in New Orleans doesn't mean there's not enough XO.

00:23:58: That means that I deleted link and leaving affect the fact that that was an article on the BBC,

00:24:06: I'm not in page having a fix it creates a lot of people going to see that webpage then other people lives that web page the page on the BBC then went.

00:24:15: At the least we have links for other people will still remain so,

00:24:19: even delete things happen value and they an interpretation because they will help form.

00:24:27: What is happened on the internet now so if you was busy looking at it still good if it goes to them.

00:24:37: And that links still will have created the internet we see today.

00:24:41: Esika potted you got that history you have that his train your database so he has that as well right.

00:24:47: We Tommy we don't know but you know I don't seem prone to throwing information away today.

00:24:54: Yeah that all that well.

00:25:00: I think that I'd end up a coke with the patron have been so that still have that leaves a legacy just like a free mattress can because it picks up we know what has happened in the effects of that and okay,

00:25:11: Lee has gone and has no direct relationship but the,

00:25:17: created as a result of being up is Left Behind in and lemon soap a drain hose out of rhythm kind of representing that say what I think.

00:25:28: So if I had like ten thousand off the leader things I mean links to me from spending sites that were deleted would you suggest even this about them then you know just to be sure.

00:25:41: If it deleted deleted you know they're gone.

00:25:45: Then I think you're OK I would say I mean it's not going to snow in Indus Valley if you know.

00:25:59: Diamond Braces.

00:26:02: What we actually have an option you know link detox which is paddling research to Zeno for the link audit and the toxic things are we have an office to show deleted links for the simple use case,

00:26:13: number one of cost to send it to Google search people search engine is.

00:26:18: Bus number to for preventive or or or prevented this about on the main level so if there were a lot of Spider-Man's linking to me and D are spider mites like you know buy cheap Dash.

00:26:30: Special delivery - -

00:26:33: - 2 + pay me I never wanted a link there and I certainly don't want to leave from there in the future to cancel these preventive this about our kind of her thing that we always recommend to our clients and also do for old soul to offer you know those children haunted scrapers.

00:26:50: Yeah yeah yeah.

00:26:51: Even just because it link was there it doesn't mean they won't scrape it tomorrow and have another crappy link showing up.

00:26:58: We have another problem of majestic we could have we got to leave that was just sides to every time it seems all user agent some tries to charge the three at 1 at to go to our website which is.

00:27:11: That's that's that's the biggest flag I've ever see how they think that's a good idea I don't know that with some people and Google Diner in the slightest.

00:27:26: That's good that's good alright well Dixon,

00:27:30: erection heading to 27 minutes I wanted to keep the show this week but this is so exciting that I have a final final Final question the favorite trick or hidden to look inside LT or in your pool or goals and still trick that people Rich overnight or something like that and then we have to wrap this up.

00:27:46: I get rich quick too.

00:27:50: Of people of people's light give you that one so.

00:27:55: No

00:27:57: Okay okay well I'll say that so,

00:28:00: everybody can get their own Tyrone they can verify the writing websites on my chest for free a lot of people seem to think the Majestic is an expensive to you can get your free on Majestic.

00:28:14: Just as long as you brought my dog.

00:28:16: Wow wow okay well that's a great great ape and this is the other promoted.

00:28:23: LOL yeah I know I didn't think you'd let me tell you so.

00:28:30: Alright Dixon thank you very much for this I say goodbye for today I wish you a wonderful day and night weekend and I hope you have your son in the show and see you again and one of all these call Frances.

00:28:42: Thanks love Christoph Israel.

00:28:44: Thank you very much sticks and stones of majestic and thank you very much again and everyone listening thank you very much and I look forward to your questions and feedback and for give your parents my show if you have anything to do with links and I still thank you very much my name is Christopher Lee Curtis True ass out of you and I,

00:29:02: bye bye.

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