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Cemper's Link Building and SEO Podcast

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  1. Started promoting MajesticSEO ~in 2009 with Alex
  2. Customers in 100 countries
  3. Flow Metrics are the major benefit of Metrics
  4. Worth understanding the difference between Fresh vs. Historic
  5. Fresh is "what's happening now" - every page crawled over a 90 day cycle
  6. Historic has poor pages, orphanend - stays in historic - back over 5 years
  7. Historic is SO MUCH BIGGER - takes a month to recalculate everything
  8. Fresh updates every day - Historic updates every month
  9. Historic contains ALSO deleted, not ONLY deleted
  10. First Seen Date - Differences between Fresh and Historic
  11. Majestic obeys and gets blocked by Robots.txt
  12. Bot Blocking History to uncover PBNs?
  13. A ten years' link on the homepage of BBC
  14. Even deleted links have their value and interpretation

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Christoph C. Cemper is a well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the LinkResearchTools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. He introduced ongoing link audits and risk management to the market in early 2011.

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