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00:00:12: Hello my name is Christoph C. Cemper and you're listening to my link building an SEO podcast. We got an amazing guest in today's show. His name is Bryan Eisenberg.

00:00:24: Bryan who are you what do you do where you come from I know you forever.

00:00:28: Yeah they're not in this industry since the.

00:00:32: Early to mid nineties my brother and I Jeffrey started the first cro agency in 1998 I was also the founder and chairman emeritus of the,

00:00:46: then web analytics Association now the digital analytics Association,

00:00:50: You Don't Hurt Now by six books including you know New York Times Best Sellers call to action with you cut the bark,

00:00:58: I also rode very early on the markers come to metrics and persuasive online copywriting,

00:01:07: be like Amazon even a lemonade stand can do it and my bro now just run it small,

00:01:15: that would be nice.

00:01:19: Cool and that agency or consultancy is for what what do you offer.

00:01:26: Her main focus is on helping organizations deal with the challenges of.

00:01:34: Digital transformation customer experience we all know customer experience is changing dramatically changing dramatically for the last two decades in the same way we've been trying to help,

00:01:43: companies when they first got online improve their conversion rates online we not realize this is a multi-channel or an omni-channel world and it doesn't matter whether it's online or offline you have to understand how consumers evolving,

00:01:57: what they expect of the great experience today and how to deliver that and how to create a culture that can keep delivering.

00:02:04: What's the biggest issue you see for this large corporations in the SEO on my mind or in general where the digital transformation.

00:02:11: You know it's interesting the biggest challenge that most organizations face today it's just lack of agility just don't know how to execute,

00:02:22: how much management,

00:02:24: and silos that get in your way between you no data being shared between information being shared between poor communication practices,

00:02:32: YouTube the most remarkable things to me and I use this as a as a great example of Amazon to chill that day Michael Jackson passed away,

00:02:45: the completely reconfigured There mp3 store in under 2 hours now here's what's remarkable about that not supposed to Amazon and Amazon has a process of the US says,

00:02:59: okay I'm going to make this change it has to go to India and then get confirm back in it's a two-hour process.

00:03:06: So that means they need to change literally in minutes and Lords heard he passed they confirmed it,

00:03:14: they have content probably and it start to start pushing and think about most organizations you can't even call me in 2 hours.

00:03:24: Exactly exactly how exciting so is that walk me like Amazon your book is about.

00:03:33: It's a it's a piece of it certainly um so few things that made Amazon completely different that I think it is a new rule for thinking about management and running an organization today and we talked about this flywheel effect,

00:03:49: what kind of gears work together and so certainly corporate agility is is one of those gears but the most important one is their focus on customer centricity,

00:03:59: you have to start,

00:04:00: being focused on the customer and I love this quote from Jesus when he was fighting with the public is about putting up reviews and the other says no no you can put a profuse cuz if you put up reviews people won't buy books,

00:04:12: we are not in the business of selling books we're in the business of helping customers buy books.

00:04:20: That's customer session.

00:04:24: Okay so we started customer session then go to a culture of innovation they're always trying to advance and here's what straight me to know and right we do you think about this.

00:04:34: Amazon just started opening up stores last year correct right there one store in Seattle now they're open in Chicago open up a couple more and you are.

00:04:44: Meanwhile with all the other billions of dollars spent in physical retail around the globe.

00:04:52: Who was the one who invented Amazon's go seamless check out with me know with I and end in visual recognition.

00:05:02: Limited you know.

00:05:04: They're the ones who've been focusing on this casino to me 20 years to innovate on on the storks. They have in it take Amazon to do it,

00:05:16: then once you go Asian you have to have the corporate agility right if I have a great idea that I need to execute on it right.

00:05:24: And we will talk about how great they are that they do that because as we know the world's oldest startup lots of small.

00:05:34: Teams that are self guided self operational you know that if we do everything it's pretty amazing.

00:05:42: And lastly which is what I've known for the longest amount of time,

00:05:47: is there focus in on optimization it's not just it's not just conversion to a lot of people over 200 2004 by the way.

00:05:59: But the optimized everything from operations to finance to Logistics,

00:06:04: everything in order to improve the customer experience and that brings the cycle over and over and over again.

00:06:11: Today don't stop they don't settle for anything even if they're on top of everything already they don't.

00:06:19: Do you know what the original one of the original names was going to be for Amazon by the way relentless.

00:06:28: They are Relentless in fact if you go to see where a reader x 2.

00:06:37: Good luck.

00:06:38: There you go.

00:06:40: That's sufficient remind me about another thing or another phrase that I could use it for you for four years GIF Android freaking now for forgetting things done as quick as possible and settled,

00:06:53: apply to small things are big things but it seems like that.

00:06:58: Is agility on the organization this and that this ongoing testing and maybe even breaking stuff this is something good quick that I had a similar saying from from from Zuckerberg Facebook.

00:07:09: Break break things fast or something like that and they but he brags about the cold himself you know going into a sauce that you had maintained for years and just.

00:07:19: Doing something fixing it or breaking it and I in the moment all the live site.

00:07:23: Will because companies don't look at that as failures look at it.

00:07:36: Hahahahaha fantastic fantastic how are you I so look forward to that though can you mention all the prayers coming out now in the in the next days are also well that should be available very soon.

00:07:49: And it's a very different type of book perfectly it's it's written and more as a as a fable and it's a fable of an older man and younger man on a journey in a car ride,

00:07:59: and I you get to learn all about business in the whole bunch of lessons through there.

00:08:04: Oh oh I remember reading some management books in that stable status well that many years ago are you needing that yourself.

00:08:15: My voice makes an appearance somewhere the book but I won't tell you where.

00:08:21: Okay alright I'll look forward to that you could pick it out I got your books as well you know always be,

00:08:29: testing an end of the conversion rate optimization was your pic you don't that that's how I met you in 2005 and then and your brother I can but how does that connect to a cool link building a link on its and what what kind of take away do you have what do you see that could,

00:08:45: help people improve their rank is or improve their their links.

00:08:50: What you know about the industry I was very focused and then I realize that my Advantage One tweaking,

00:09:01: on the website,

00:09:02: to prove the customer experience and I was getting a lot more results so if I can get people to the website and customers make a couple tweaks and make for them,

00:09:14: at the customer's it was a lot easier to double the sales people couldn't find a car,

00:09:22: why couldn't find a continue shopping but if they got to the cork easy things like that.

00:09:31: Super super easy.

00:09:33: Lot of lessons about about you over the years,

00:09:37: what I said is what she wants Google came around focus wasn't trying to duplicate what was best for the customer experience and even Eric Schmidt said,

00:09:48: you know this is The Challenge from a link building perspective and where Google has gone to.

00:09:57: Which is the police try to replicate their online results to to reflect what the real world is like right now just links which is limited to online only,

00:10:06: but I'll see what's going on in the real world tour price.

00:10:16: If I don't have a lot of links but everybody's buying my products online that still should be reflected in the search results.

00:10:22: It's a Google certainly had a challenge with that right and so over the last number of years they've gone in and they started using,

00:10:30: two different sorts of data sets to tell this which is one of the outside activities remember they have,

00:10:38: you know the largest share of the browsers out there.

00:10:43: Right between between Crohn's 70% of websites Google analytics on there,

00:10:51: Unity of Android is data feeds into knowing okay once I leave the search page what happens on the website right used to be back in the early days only thing they know is okay what,

00:11:04: you know what search results links did they click on.

00:11:07: Anatole basted eventually they got smart and said okay look at how much time I can get there question answer,

00:11:20: now we got to the last generation so I have all this.

00:11:24: Web browser data real world data and so now Google has gone into the world and there's a lot we can see the Facebook of your credit cards in all.

00:11:38: And they can and let's not forget also that they have Gmail and so they can see no purchase confirmation.

00:11:46: Old is Peter Wright feeds the algorithms I've always said is actually very simple.

00:11:56: Super simple like 5 hours to SEO yes to be relevant to your customers you have to build a reputation.

00:12:05: You have to be remarkable and I definitely want speak about that one you need to be readable to the search engines the bigger towns back in the day less and less so today,

00:12:15: you need to be marketing for fishing people try tomorrow you're not going to get a lot of traffic if you Market into a few more to an ocean.

00:12:24: Then of course lots of people look through but it's harder to stand out.

00:12:29: Cigars and we look at them because they defy most of the advice that most standard azios have focused on for years.

00:12:42: Right Amazon does not produce their own content.

00:12:46: No consecration at Amazon Stephanie saying.

00:12:51: Academy award-winning movies for their you know for their Prime video they haven't dated everyone.

00:13:03: They had no human Elders all the leverage was their internal Data customer so that customers.

00:13:13: To create reviews for that he did so well that they ended up with,

00:13:18: millions and millions of product pages that were super well-optimized book for certain conversion,

00:13:25: that everybody would like to and of course all their earliest fill your program sign their Innovation got them more than anyone else and all of a sudden Google how to figure out listening a navigator.

00:13:39: Everybody was going out 51%.

00:13:47: And so they did that by being relevant to the customer by building a great reputation for a great experience for the customers and being price competitive.

00:13:57: Why always being remarkable cuz they always have more content and the community they built for it was amazing Pages ever,

00:14:09: with technology and of course the market until exceptionally well right that's why they had hundreds of millions of pages indexed.

00:14:19: I still have.

00:14:22: I still have the correct.

00:14:23: Well yeah but on the other hand you know they started really early on what do you do today you know if you want to replicate that 20 days later.

00:14:37: But I think it's I think it's the same formula number 1.

00:14:40: You know how do you say over the customer so that you're truly relevant to answering their problem their needs their wants and their questions right that's the first thing you've got to do,

00:14:51: you can build a reputation that you're great at doing that one of my favorite examples of this by the way his love Warby Parker.

00:14:59: Right Warby Parker they said look you know how we can create great content we're going to go ahead and every customer question that we get we're going to record as a video.

00:15:08: And start putting those up on YouTube and amazing rankings because of it.

00:15:17: Nothing just got the reputation for it and its stores and all that so great things.

00:15:25: They're remarkable people of their Styles they have a great business model talking about.

00:15:35: Warby Parker they're getting media coverage for doing all that.

00:15:38: Very easy to do,

00:15:50: people this is not rocket science it's it's it's simple it's just not easy.

00:15:57: Right it's not easy being customer obsessive and being relevant to them we think we're being relevant but we're only scratching the surface.

00:16:05: Right we think we're building a great reputation but our medication sexy pretty mediocre right unless we think we're being remarkable.

00:16:15: And we're just average right thing to do.

00:16:21: Haha got it.

00:16:24: Got it yeah that's right this very inspiring and iiii said they look forward to know if you're getting the phone book and.

00:16:33: It diving deeper just like I thought into your previous works on that one and you know it when it comes to 200 interview help us where we are little bit at the end of the,

00:16:44: time limit Pine budget so I would like to ask you for it,

00:16:48: short bite-sized table take away or some immediate action that you would recommend to.

00:16:56: Anyone doing s you're starting a sea or being 10 using his do whatever comes to mind if you have this one kilo in and get all your years of experience that you would like to share with us.

00:17:09: I would say I cannot I would follow in the footsteps of what Warby Parker did I go in Spanish.

00:17:16: Tons of time listening to the call center is listening to customer service listening to the sales people listen to questions that are being asked and produced.

00:17:26: Interesting Wildwood high-quality content related to it,

00:17:32: answer your question you know it's going to be hard to duplicate with Amazon there's no question but there's lots of other ways that you can become immortal something's going to be great something's are not,

00:17:43: get out I'll just keep producing you can get better and better and better and in some things are just going to hit really really well.

00:17:51: Awesome,

00:17:52: awesome I'm going to do that actually spend at least an hour a day you know a customer success team at least and Deuce little bit of these recordings and videos to get back in the way there now so and so does Orion podcast all the pockets for me is part of this you know answering questions that we get on the regular basis as well so I'm really glad to hear that is it take away and yeah I thank you so much for being with us in this episode,

00:18:18: off that link building an SEO podcast I think you very very much Brian,

00:18:22: and I look forward to inviting you back again because I don't think I'm going to stop doing this as much as I enjoyed at the moment.

00:18:31: I think it's I think it's great I love the format I love how you're getting some of these questions out there and again makes people start with his wife Ford Fridays in old son,

00:18:45: that became was remarkable for them.

00:18:48: I think this is another way for you to be remarkable in your industry in the link out to the rest of the community.

00:18:56: Haha awesome,

00:18:58: thank you very much and I could read that you next week so look forward to that this cash that's alright thank you very much Bryan Eisenberg and Kristen can say goodbye and have a wonderful day or night or evening we can or whatever thank you very much bye bye.

00:19:12: Thanks bye.

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